Less than 1%

Height Percentile chart from HallsMd

I realize I am an oddity. I am made aware of the fact everyday just by walking out of my house. Very rarely do I see a woman in regular life that is even close to my height. But sometimes I wonder, how odd am I really? I decided to find out statistically, the answer to that question.

Through my highly scientific research (Google), I happened upon Halls.md that provides charts outlining the height and weight of the US population. Researchers measured the height and weight of a sample of the population in order to determine what the average and not so average height is. They set up percentiles or ranges of heights that most people fall into. And I do say most people. As you can see from the chart above,  50th percentile is average height which is about 5’4″. That’s not so shocking. What surprises me is that the 95th percentile is a measly 5’8″! No offense to my 5’8″ Junos out there, but that is crazy!  95% of women are shorter than 5’8″. I didn’t realize the number was that high. And not represented in the chart is 5’10” which is considered the 99th percentile. And don’t even think about 6’3″ being on there so as you can see, I just added it myself. I’m definitely what they would call the outlier to the data. No wonder there are so few places to find clothes and shoes to fit me, there are just not enough of me (according to retailers) to make clothes for.

There was this site, that I don’t think exists anymore, called Who’s Taller than Me. Based on the 2008 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that 99.996% of women are shorter than me. In other words, .004% of women are 6’3″ or taller. Less than 1%! How cool and surreal is that! But how many women is that exactly? Well, let’s do the math. The current number of women in the US is about 150 million and .004% of that is 6000. Only 6000 women in the US are 6’3″ or taller. Amazing!

Ooh forgive me I think my geekness is showing. I’m sorry if I bored you through my little stats lesson. But knowing that I am one in an elite group of only 6000 women puts a smile on my face. It really puts into perspective how rare, special and blessed I am; we are to be so tall. Knowing exactly just how odd and out of the ordinary I am makes me feel like I can never be depressed about being different and neither should you. Because who wants to be ordinary?

Thanks for indulging me,


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CDC stats
Census data

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20 responses to “Less than 1%

  1. HI,

    Wow! Talk about “unique” Adding a bit of “geekiness” I wonder if your height isn’t slightly more common if the data were broken down generationaly, given the number of very tall girls you see on volleyball or basketball teams for example ( and yes, I know you don’t all play sports) Heck it could .005% or .006%. Guess you know why there so many gawkers and questioners.


    • Hi Joe,
      I would think that it’s slightly more common now seeing that a tall person is usually taller than one or both of their parents (I’m taller than my mom). Yeah, I guess I do know why. It doesn’t make it any less annoying though. LOL



  2. I am 6’1″, so I share in your frustration to find the right clothes. I went to a pop-up store put up by Long Tall Sally and found many great-fitting clothes. Plus, I saw several women who were significantly taller than I (which doesn’t happen very often). Check them out!


    • Hi Meg,
      Thanks for stopping by. I have actually been to a pop up shop before and I plan to go to the next one on the 31st. You’re right, it was really amazing to be in the same room with so many tall women (some taller than me) at once.



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  4. Thanks for doing the research! I was trying to figure out my percentile and came across this. I’m also 6’3, I knew it was rare as I’ve only met 2 or 3 women taller then me. I had no idea it was this rare though!


  5. Hi! I was trying to look this up again because today I read an article about being so rare because of my red hair and greenish eyes. Apparently, red and blue is the most rare combination, but red and green is next. Between being 6’3″ and having red hair, I’m pretty darn rare!


  6. Thanks, for that interesting research. I always knew I was probably unique among women-just didn’t know it was to that degree! I’m a bit over 6’5″. Even when visiting the pop-up stores, I would be the tallest woman there. Speaking of LTS, I really do miss the pop-ups. Thanks for the great blog. Glad to know you’re all out there.


    • Thanks Barb. I liked the pop up shops more so that it was an opportunity to see so many tall women in one place. Glad to know you are out there too.


  7. Love this! Our pediatrician says our 4-year-old adopted daughter will be at least 6’3″. She’s currently sharing shoes with our 17-year-old! I’m 5’1″, and my husband is 5’4″, so we will be the family of extremes!


  8. Thank you for posting this! I was so curious to know where I stand (pun intended) statistically, and it’s a really awkward thing to type into Google… lots of height charts came up but no percentile breakdown as such, for some reason. Mind you, I’m not exactly in the same position as you as I’m only (lol) 184 cm. But I was intrigued that the 50th percentile is only 5’4″… though as your earlier commenter said, that would probably change if you adjusted the stats to reflect only a certain age group. My mum used to be only slightly shorter than me, but with age she’s shrunk quite a bit. Plus of course each generation tends to be taller than the last, as you also said above.
    Being tall is great. Took me a long time to realize that, but it really is. Curiously, Maria Sharapova boosted my self-confidence a lot… looking at her when I was a teen, I’d think, how bad can being tall possibly be? 🙂


  9. I have to inform you that if you are saying that 50% of all women are taller than 5’4″ and 50% are shorter than 5’4″ – then you are saying that there are no 5’4″ women.


    • I knew that with the sudden popularity of this post after all this time there was bound to be a mistake in it somewhere. Lol. Thanks for pointing it out Clinton. If I had a prize to give you I would give you one. 😊



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