10 reasons why tall girls should wear heels

t1larg.heels.thinkstockBeing asked “Why do you wear heels” is a common occurrence in the life of a tall girl. So I figured I would give 10 reasons why to help you explain your personal decision to wear high heeled shoes.

1. Because they are sexy and I look great in them. Simple as that.

2. Girls love heels. Why should being tall change anything?

3. Heels with height screams confidence. Wearing heels when you are already over 6 ft tall screams that you are self-assured and comfortable in your skin and that is sexy.

4. Nothing completes an outfit better than a fierce pair of heels. Conversely, nothing ruins an otherwise gorgeous outfit than a pair of ugly, grandma flats.

5. Heels are great for helping to build muscles in the calves. They are good for me!

6. Just because you tell me not to. I am a rebel what can I say.

7. Heels are scientifically proven to make legs look longer. So what better way to accentuate our fabulous gams than some 4″ heels?

8. Same reason why a short girl wears flats.

9. I’m not getting any shorter. Nor you getting any taller. Either way that 1 foot gap is still there. Get over it.

10. Why should I worry about your insecurities and your problems with my height? If I don’t mind it, why would I spend a moment of my time listening to the problem you have with my decision to put on a pair of shoes? Ain’t nobody got time for that!



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13 responses to “10 reasons why tall girls should wear heels

  1. So simple, but so awesome. I’m still learning to wear heels out as it can be nerve-wracking drawing that much attention to myself! Will definitely think about it next time, though 🙂


  2. Never had a pair, never will. However to those who feel happy in them good for you.Sometimes I glance at them in the store while buying my flats & a little heartbreak comes, but oh well.


  3. I just can’t stand to add a centimeter. I only get the thinnest soles in sandals and flats. Even with running shoes I look for the thinnest soles. I just don’t wan to be ANY taller than I already am. But if other tall women want to do it that is great.!


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  5. Every, and I mean EVERY woman needs heels! They make you feel special you know. Its a bout coming to a point where you just have to make a choice. Is it them or my heels. I chose my heels.


  6. Hello.. I know that this post is from 2013, but I just found your blog.. I am 5’9 and LOVE heels.. I always get the HATER look when in them… or the comment… “aren’t you tall enough”…


  7. I always figured one of the perks of being tall is that I can wear comfortable flats for formal occasions where shorter women would be expected to wear heels.


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