The Tall Girl Checklist

I think there is some confusion on what “tall” is. I’ve been surfing the internet and I’ve come across the complaints of some women 5’9′, 5,8″, 5’7″ about how “tall” they think are. To settle the debate once and for all, I thought it would be useful to come up with a checklist to determine who is really a tall girl*. If you answer “yes” to most of these then you are in fact a tall girl.

1.You are Gorgeous! Not to mention unique, breathtaking, fabulous and extraordinary. (I had to throw this one in there!)

2. You are the cause of many a double or triple take.

3. You get stared at a lot and are the focus of attention wherever you go.

4. You know that you can’t go into a store and buy clothes or shoes but if you so happen to find a store that has extra long sleeves and size 12 shoes you get giddy. I know I do.

5. You have long limbs, big feet, and big hands which are not “normal” for a female to have.

6. You have been called every nickname in the book: tree, giraffe, amazon, shorty, beanstalk the list goes on…

7. You are constantly hitting your head or other body part on something. Tree limbs, door jambs, low hanging signs… I even hit my hand on a ceiling fan once and I am always hitting my hip on doorknobs.

8. You literally stop traffic. You walk by and people stop what they are doing (which includes talking, walking, eating) to look at you.

9. You are at least a foot taller than all your friends.

10. Wherever you go you are asked a million questions about your height. Do you play basketball? Are you a model! How tall are you? How tall are your parents and blahhty blahhty blah..

11. You tend to shock people with how tall you are especially when you get up from sitting in a chair. This is why when I am introduced to someone new by a friend and I am seated, I usually don’t get up so as not to give them a heart attack. But usually that friend thinks it would be amusing to see the new person’s reaction so they tell me to get up (My dad loves to do this).

12. People try to use you as a ruler. They like to see how tall they are compared to you. “OMG I only come up to your shoulder!” *rolls eyes*

13. Online shopping is your best friend. And you have become an quasi-expert on where to find to find clothes and shoes.

14. Often you are called on to help those less fortunate reach things from high up. Strangers at the grocery store, professors at school, and etc.

15. Short guys seem to be fascinated and borderline obsessed with you. I call them “height hounds” (I dedicated an entire post to them. Check it out.)

So how’d you score? Did I miss any? But bottom line though, if you have to ask if you’re tall, then you’re probably not.

*Disclaimer: I am not knocking women who are 5’9″ and under. Yes, technically you are tall seeing as the average is 5’4″, but from my perspective you are still short. It is just my opinion. Do not sue me.

Your resident Tall Girl Expert,

P.S. Tall Chicks Rule!

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