Scentbird Review

I love subscription boxes. So convenient and they are so many popping up. You can anything from ingredients for meals, clothes, shoes, books even lingerie. I have yet to try one until now. I asked Scentbird if I could do a review and they graciously accepted. Scentbird is a monthly subscription service that gives you the option to try designer perfumes without paying the designer price. They have over 350 scents to choose from; brands include Donna Karan, Vera Wang, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs. The list goes on and on. You can set up the list of scents you want to try, called a queue, and they send you a perfume from your queue every month. All you pay is $14.95 per month. It’s a great deal when you think about how much a full size of these designer perfumes cost.

After you sign up, you take the TruScent Recommender test. You answer a few quick questions and based on your answers they then recommend a few perfumes to add to your queue.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.49.46 PMThe test was cool until it had you list your favorite perfumes. Uh oh. I am definitely not a perfume connoisseur. I don’t even wear perfume. I am more of a body spray type of girl if I use anything at all. Perfumes all seem to smell alike to me and tend to be a bit too overpowering for me. (Or maybe I just had the misfortune of running into too many people who bathed in the stuff.) I know what you are thinking, “if you don’t wear perfume, why are trying a perfume box?” Well, I decided to play grown up for a while and give perfumes a try. I want to have a signature scent. That reflects me. That people recognize me by.  Y’know how in books they say, “she wafted in on a breeze of gardenias and coconuts.” Cheesy I know, but indulge me.

For the test, in the end I just chose one that sounded good.

But you also can pick certain categories of scents so you can filter out all the perfumes they have to choose from. That is another good way to narrow down your choices.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.35.46 PM

If you are a perfume newbie like me, another helpful tool they have is you can click the “quick view” button under each perfume and you get a pop up window that tells you what fragrances make up the perfume (i.e. citrus, musk, sandalwood and etc) as well as the occasion the perfume best suits like everyday, party, gym and etc. I didn’t know people wore perfume to the gym. Shows you how much I know.


On to the packaging. After your pick your scent, all you have to do is wait for it to arrive at your house. The perfume arrives in a little drawstring black velvet bag. You get the perfume case as well as a tube with a 30 day supply of your chosen perfume. The perfume case is the best. It is really cool. You twist it like you would a lipstick tube to spray the perfume and then again to close it. That way you can carry it in your purse without the perfume spraying all over your stuff. And the case is reusable. You can switch out the tubes by just pulling the tube and then you just put in a new one. Everything is branded really nicely. The bag, perfume case and tube all are really sleek and have some version of the Scentbird logo on it.


In my browsing through the website, I added so many perfumes to my queue. But which one to try first? I narrowed it down to 3 (Be Delicious by Donna Karan, Music by Harajuku Lovers or Happy by Clinique) and a rep from Scentbird sent me back Happy. The scent profile said it was a citrusy, everyday, spring scent. I thought this would be perfect for me. I like fruity, not too spicy or musky smells.

I do like the scent. I am not sure I get the citrus but it’s nice. And I’m not sure it quite suits me. I feel that maybe it would fit someone a bit older. I guess I’ll just have to do more investigating to find my signature scent. But I can’t play around too much because my mom is highly sensitive to smells and gets headaches around too much perfume. She doesn’t wear perfume for that reason and that’s probably why I haven’t up until this point. But she doesn’t have a problem with the smell of my hair products so maybe I should just do that and be done with it.

Interested? Subscribe using this link and you get your second month, FREE!

UPDATE 9.10.15  I officially wore Happy out a couple of weeks ago and I almost immediately got a headache. Womp. Womp. And I didn’t even put that much on. I sprayed one wrist, rubbed it together with the other wrist and then rubbed the sides of my neck. Thanks Mom for passing down another one of your idiosyncrasies to me. I hoping maybe it was just this perfume and not all perfumes that give me a headache but most likely this means no perfumes for me. I guess my “signature scent” is going to have to be a body spray of some kind. I still love Scentbird though. 🙂


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