’s Review, an online glasses retailer approached me a week or so ago to review their product. You may know that I already have a number of prescription glasses and figured my sister needed new glasses way more than I do. Desperately so in fact. So I asked if that would be okay and they agreed.

My sister, Myiesha, always dancing to the beat of her own drum, decided to record the review instead of writing it. So here it is. [Be sure to turn your volume up because the volume of the video is a little low.

IMG_2805I might have to try Firmoo myself because I think her glasses are gorgeous! They fit her face (and her personality) very well. And the glasses case is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. As you can see, each frame comes in a case and eyeglass cloth but you also get a repair kit in case something happens like a screw loosens or whatnot.


Sis in her glasses

I did a little looking at Firmoo myself and I see that they have a wide selection of women’s (and men’s) frames with single vision and bifocal/progressive lenses as well as single vision prescription sunglasses. They offer such add-ons such as anti-scratch, anti-reflective/anti-radiation and UV coating and tint, gradient tint and photochromic lenses.

Another feature that I like that Firmoo has is the Try on View. You can upload a picture of yourself and click on try on view and you can scroll through all the glasses with yourself wearing them. Like below.

Try on View

Try on View

You might see a frame on your face that looks good on you that you might not have considered before. I think that is really cool.

Also, if you sign up for Firmoo, you get your first pair half off.  Additionally, you have the opportunity to get your first pair FREE. They give out a select number of free ones a day. To find out when to order, you have to pay attention to their Facebook and Twitter.

I hope this has been helpful to you all you four-eyed Junoesque ladies like myself out there. And thank you very much to Firmoo for this opportunity.



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