Yes, these are 4-inch heels

If there were more comfortable heels, I would wear them every day. Since they’re not, I only break out the stilettos for the special occasions or when I just want to look good.

I know that look. I’ve seen it dozens of times. It’s the you-are-6-foot-4-what-the-heck-are-you-doing-wearing-heels-you-don’t-need-to-be-any-taller look. Well, I’m going to answer that look with a question. Why shouldn’t I wear heels? Sure, I might not be able to fit through some door frames and my feet will hate my guts the next morning. But, other than that, Why?

I don’t wear heels just because they make me taller even though that is a plus. I wear them because they make me feel good and give me an extra confidence boost. There’s something about heels that make you want to walk taller. Never underestimate a really good pair of heels. It’s pointless to make myself miserable just because a select people have an issue with me wearing heels. The way I see it and there are facts to prove it, in a room of 125,000 people* I am the tallest. That is not a close margin, by any means. So, if I decide to wear a pair of 4 inch heels, it’s not going to make much of a difference. I mean, who doesn’t need an extra spring in their step once in a while and if I want to wear heels, you better believe I’m going to. Nothing I do is going to make me any shorter, so why not look good walking as tall as I can in a cute pair of plaid peep-toed heels?

6 responses to “Yes, these are 4-inch heels

  1. I am not near as tall as you but when I wear my heels I tower over my husband but I think he likes the view better…lol. Not really. I wear heels because they make me feel empowered. I don’t wear them everyday but look that standout feeling when I out on the town. Maybe they are looking because I tower over most everyone there (including most of the men) but I like to think everyone looking at my shoes.


    • I love heels. I just think they look better than flats. A good pair of heels can make an outfit. I tower over most men in bare feet so heels don’t really make a difference. Keep rocking those heels girl!



  2. I remember years ago chatting with a girl who is 6’7″ and she mentioned that she always wears 5″ heels when she goes out. Her reasoning? At 6’7″ people are already going to stare so a few more inches makes no difference so why not wear heels?


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