8 Simple Rules for Getting a Date with a Tall Girl

Tall woman and short man embracing

Image by © Tim Tadder/Corbis

My sister, Myiesha and I are often approached by height hounds and the like and we’ve noticed a supreme lack of decorum; “game” if you will, so we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a few simple tips on approaching a Junoesque lady. And if you play your cards right, you might just get a date.*

Be confident, not aggressive. Yes, it takes confidence to approach someone you don’t know to get a date but don’t take it too far. Don’t be overbearing, pushy or come on too strong. There is nothing worse than a pushy guy. You just come off as desperate. This leads us to the next tip:

Take a hint. When it is clear that the Junoesque lady in question is not interested/ignoring you, bow out gracefully and just leave her alone. Now how do you know that she is not interested? First, check out her body language. If her body is turned away from you or if she is hugging her arms close to her body she thinks you are a creep and wants to get away from you quickly. Also, if she gives short, one word answers to your questions, she is not interested. Don’t assume that she is just playing “hard to get”. Scrape up what dignity you have left and just go away.

Don’t be creepy. I know tall women are unbelievably attractive but don’t leer or stare. She is not a sexual object. She is a person with feelings and emotions.

Be respectful. You can compliment her but don’t be inappropriate. Another thing, personal space! Keep your hands to yourself!

She will wear heels whether you like it or not, so keep your opinions to yourself. If she is taller than you barefoot, then her wearing heels shouldn’t make a difference. She is not going to get any shorter nor are you going to get taller, so you might as well deal with it. Plus wearing heels makes her feel good so leave her alone about it.

Don’t use the same old tired pick up lines. Never mention the phrase “tall glass of water”. Ever. It will get you punched; a dirty look at the very least. Don’t be lame. Be creative, charismatic, thought-provoking. Bottom line: be different! For example, I was on my way to the train station from work one day and there was a taller guy on the street corner trying to tell people about some non-profit. I was fully prepared to walk right past without stopping or making eye contact. I was ready to go home. I didn’t have time for all that. But as I passed by, he told me “that my stature is very appealing”. I was taken aback. I had never heard it put that politely before. I didn’t stop completely but he definitely had my attention. I awarded him 10 points for creativity. If I ever see him again, who knows?

This next one kinda goes with the last one. Don’t mention her height unless you are going to spin it and be creative with it.  People talk about our height all the time. It is refreshing when someone doesn’t.

Make us laugh with you not at you. Every girl enjoys a good sense of humor. Tall girls sometimes need a good laugh.

So I hope this helps you tall girl lovers out there. Tall girls, are these tips sufficient? Did we miss any? Let me know below!

Until next time,

Elayna and Myiesha

*Disclaimer: Maybe. We can’t promise anything. Results may vary.

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6 responses to “8 Simple Rules for Getting a Date with a Tall Girl

    • Hi Kelly,
      I’m guessing you are asking me to help you find some? To be honest with you, I don’t any shop that has high waisted skinny jeans with a 36 inseam. But I will keep an eye out and comment back here when I find them. Thanks for stopping by!



    • Great find Shannon! Thanks for sharing!

      I usually don’t have many short people ask me what my shoe size is. If another tall women asks I am always happy to share in the hopes that we can swap store info! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


  1. As a 6’4″ guy my 6’2″ gf was quite amused when on meeting her for the first time I remarked “nice to see someone normal height around here” (surrounded by shorter people). We really hit it off and things have been going great ever since!


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