The Cool Kids are in the back

Being 6’3″ and all I can hide an average size person behind me. So as common courtesy, for those “less fortunate” I always go to the back. Be it pictures, classrooms, whatever. It’s become instinctive; my body just moves on it’s own. As far back I can remember. I think it started in pre-school, the teachers always had me sit in the back so the other kids could see.

As I got older, it was just easier to sit in the back of the room. Sitting in the back I could avoid the “I can’t see!” or “Can you move your head?” complaints from my vertically challenged classmates. They could probably benefit from sitting closer to the front anyway.  And don’t even get me started on pictures. No one has to tell me anything. I need no direction. I go straight to the back of the crowd. But I have to admit, even in the back, you can clearly see me. That’s what makes us cool.

Left: 2nd grade class picture. Right:head and shoulders above the rest

So, I am hereby declaring that only the cool kids stand in the back. Because we do have a choice. We could easily stand in the front and block everyone’s view. But no, we let the short people be in the front because we’re cool like that. They have so few opportunities to be seen, we might as well let them be in the front. (I am only joking no angry emails, please…)

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