Long way to fall

My friend Beckie from Cause I Said So inspired me to write this. She talked about she felt like a giraffe because she was tripping over her legs. Boy, do I know she feels.

My dad was afraid for me the first 10 years of my life because I was always falling. And I had no coordination or reflexes so I would catch myself with my face. He told me later, “I thought that there was seriously something wrong with you.” You would think that after the first time, even the first couple of times, I would have learned to put my hands out when I fell. But nope, didn’t happen. Maybe I just didn’t want to mess my hands up.

My dad says when I was about 6, he watched me fall going up the steps and I fell on my face. It terrified him. I can just imagine what that was like. I think it is absolutely hilarious now but I bet it wasn’t so funny then. He told me that was the reason why he never taught me how to ride a bike. “You catching yourself with your face and you want to ride a bike? Oh nooooo…” I can’t say I blame him. And I don’t really need to learn how to ride a bike anyway. Myiesha wasn’t much better. She was forever knocking her teeth out. She had no front teeth for her entire childhood.

I joke now that if I fall it would be a long way to go. I wonder how much longer it would take me to fall than say someone who was 5’4″? Or would we fall at the same rate? Hmmm…

I have fallen considerably less than I used to. I think it might be because I’ve become a bit more used to my giraffe legs over the years. Though I do take the occasional spill down the stairs. (Socks and carpet don’t mix.) The last time I fell I think, was when I was at a friend’s baby shower. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back a friend took my seat. I saw that there was still room on the chair so I thought, “Hey maybe we can share it”. So I bent down to sit but she moved the chair just as I sat down. As my backside slowly fell through the air and I realized there was no chair beneath me, I realized, “This was not a good idea.” And I heard a resounding “oooh” from my fellow partygoers as I hit the ground. Lots of fun.

Any similar falling stories Ladies? Trouble adjusting to your long legs? Let me know!


4 responses to “Long way to fall

  1. That is a hilarious image!
    That being said, I am very clumsy. I have bailed off a treadmill. And when snowboarding, I am really afraid of falling because I feel I do have pretty far down to go!


    • Thanks. I made it myself. Really putting my graphic design skills to good use. lol I think clumsiness might be hereditary my mom told me she fell once just standing…in sneakers



  2. oh you crack me up!! I love how you said you would catch yourself with your face. haha!! I usually fall doing nothing exceptional. I did do a nice fall on the ice at the skating rink. I knew I was going down so I went down all the way and just lay on the ice. My husband came running(skating) from the other side of the rink cuz he said he heard it from way over there. He was really worried because I was laying on the ice. I told him I only planned to fall one time so I was making it a good one. I only cracked my knee cap a bit….me and Ice don’t mix….Cause I said so. lol


    • Haha Thanks! I’ve fallen in the mud a couple of times. Back in elementary school, it was field day and I decided to walk across a muddy field while some boys were playing soccer. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. They tripped me and I fell and I didn’t try to catch myself so my whole front from my neck down was covered in mud from head to toe. Not pretty.



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