My 5 inch heels

If you follow The Junoesque on Facebook you would know that I just ordered my first pair of 5″ heels. Yes you read me correctly, 5 inches. They are the Lunar wedges from You may be wondering why all of a sudden do I buy 5 inch heels. Most of the heels I own are 3″ with a couple of 4’s thrown in. But never 5. At least not until now. I’ve always shied away from 5 inch heels because I felt that were way too high and I would be super duper tall in them. I even tried on the Komet in the store when they first came in and was like definitely not. But I saw these shoes and I had to get them; they were too cute to pass up.

I see all these short girls wearing  super cute and super high heels. And I always thought that wasn’t for me because “I’m tall enough already” or I would be “way too tall”. But I thought, is this actually what I think or am I making excuses because I’m worried about how others would see me. I saw these shoes and said, “Who cares about how someone else would see me?” They don’t matter. I can’t get any shorter and I get stared at already so I might as well just werk it, right? And so should you. I’m am not going to not wear what I like and sacrifice my style based on what others would think of me. Don’t let your or others perceptions of “too tall” stop you from wearing what you want to wear.

Unfortunately, I think is out of the “Lunar” in 12-13 right now in the blue and the black but you can keep checking the website or call your local store to see if they can locate the shoe for you. I talked to a customer service associate and she said they have no way of knowing which sizes of each style are coming in next. Weird, I know.

I absolutely love these shoes. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. When I walk in them I don’t feel like I’m wearing very high shoes because of the wedge heel and platform. But when I look around from this new perspective I do feel like I’m higher up. They kind of remind me of Frankenstein shoes. You know those shoes they put on the actors in the Frankenstein movies to make them taller? It’s kinda like that but much much cuter. In these shoes, I am 6’8″, the same height as my dad, which is a little disconcerting but worth it I think. I can’t wait to see his reaction when I wear them. He already teases me when I wear heels that I am as tall as he is so what will happen when I actually am? And what about the general public? I think I might just scare somebody. That’s the risk of fashion, I guess. I will write an update when I actually wear them out. Stay tuned for that.

Would you wear 5 inch heels? Why or why not? Let me know below.


7 responses to “My 5 inch heels

  1. good for you! I, would fall and break my neck…as I recently almost did in only four in wedges. Good luck to you ! Come hang around me so I can feel short for a change! lol


  2. first of all, LOVE the shoes and at payless no less! wow! what a find. second, i am so glad and proud you didnt let your tall override your cute cause those shoes are cute! i think i love to wear heels simply because others say i should not!


    • I know Payless can be hit or miss sometimes. I have to use that: ” didn’t let your tall override your cute”. Thanks I appreciate it. We’re tall rebels!



  3. I have always felt that way about heels, most of my friends are itty bitty and I felt that if I wore heels I would have a bad back from having to bend over just to hear what they were saying. After coming across all you lovely tall ladies, I now have the attitude of whatever, I’m going to do me. If the outfit requires heels then dang it I’m wearing heels.. My grandmother always told me to stand up straight because you are not going to shrink, nor will u be able to cut off your legs. So at 6’2″ I will not start wearing my 3-4″ possibly 5″ heels..



    • Right on! Rock them heels girl! My mom says the same thing. It’s not like I’m getting any shorter so I might as well just work it!

      Thanks! I’m so glad you like it!



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