PZI Jeans Review

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about PZI Jeans but they are much hyped to be great jeans for tall and curvy ladies. I kept hearing so much about them, so a couple weeks ago I decided to try them out. I noted that they had a variety of styles, their inseams go up to 38″ and they claim that their jeans would fit me perfectly in my hips and waist so much so that there would be no gap. They even say I didn’t need to wear a belt! Needless to say I was very excited and I ordered the Fuze Classic Skinny Jean-Dark in an X-Long inseam with high expectations.

Unfortunately, I had some issues. Let me explain. I watched the informational video first and Claire, the VP explained that you have to measure yourself first in order to get your correct size.  I didn’t have a measuring tape at the time so I made do. (I took a belt wrapped it around myself, marked it and measured that. I don’t call it ghetto, I call it resourceful.) And I already knew roughly what my measurements were so I just went with it: 33″ waist and 46″ hips should be a 10 right? They arrived and I could barely get them up over my thighs. I looked like a stuffed sausage. Luckily, my mom tried them on and they fit her perfectly so I didn’t have to pay to ship them back (more on that later).

I thought maybe my resourceful measuring just wasn’t correct. Maybe a 12 would work better. The measurement ranges for 10 and 12 are very similar so I thought that I was just a little off.

The 12 was slightly easier to get up but still a little tight and they weren’t fitting like in the pictures. I felt like the crotch was hanging too low like I should be able to pull them up more but I couldn’t. At this point, I was a little disappointed because I wanted so much for these jeans to fit me. So I gave it one more try and ordered the 14’s. According to the chart I thought the 14’s were going to be too big but and figured I should at least try it.

I just got the 14’s in yesterday. And I have to say they fit a lot better in the legs and I didn’t have as much trouble getting them on. But I feel like there is way too much room around the waist. The extra fabric bunches up in the zipper area which I find unflattering. And I definitely can’t not wear a belt. But you can’t really tell when I’m standing and if I wear a long enough shirt, but still. Chalk it up to my nitpickiness.

I bet you’re like jeez, Layne were they really that horrible? No, furthest thing from it. They are really good jeans. They are great quality, well made and the fabric feels good on my skin. And the most important thing, they are long enough. Plus they look good on me. It’s just the fit isn’t as great as I expected it to be. Is it because I’m too curvy, not curvy enough? It could also be just the type of jean I bought. Maybe a different kind would fit better? I’ve had my eye on the Candy Skinny White jean, possibly they will work better for me.

Could store some extra snacks in my pouch

I do have one gripe though has nothing to do with the jeans but with shipping and returns.  First off, shipping is at least $11. (But I did use the code PZ20AFL for 20% off which defrayed the cost.) I wonder why does it cost so much to ship from GA to MD? And then, when I wanted to exchange them, I found that I would have to pay to ship them back plus the “exchange” fee. A waste of money in my opinion. So I am a cheap nitpicker. Sue me.

So overall, PZI jeans are good jeans and they are really worth trying. It is very possible that my body shape is just weird. When you do try them, tell me how they work out. Has anyone else tried PZI jeans out there, did you like them? Let me know.

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10 responses to “PZI Jeans Review

  1. I have a different body type … 6’3, 37″ inseam, very thin, but with some hips that are a bit wider than my thinness would suggest and a very small waist – combine that with tall and nothing on the racks comes close to fitting including anything I’ve tried from tall shops). I did get a great fit from Indi. They are expensive, but have sales every once and awhile so my total cost was about $100. They are semi custom and sort of made to measure. I had my tailor measure me and they fit perfectly on the first try. They are pretty well built and you can customize a bit and they have good shipping to Europe ( I live in København). It did take a bit more than a month. They guarantee they will fit and will keep reworking at their expense. Once they get it right you are on file for easy reorders if you don’t change size.

    My 6’7 friend measured herself and they almost fit on the first try, but she had them try again and the 2nd pair was perfect as was a reorder.


    • Thanks Jheri for the tip! (We are the same height and inseam! Cool!) A lot of times I fall in between sizes which makes it hard to find the “perfect” fit in both Tall and “regular” stores.

      I have been hearing a lot of good things about Indi Custom lately. I guess I will have to give them a try.

      I’ve had pretty good luck with Alloy jeans. The Piper’s Closet skinny jeans I got recently fit great. I want to try Height Goddess jeans as well. And the Yoga Jeans from Talltique are also good.



  2. ! a 33″ waist?? wow – you are my hero! LOL … those do good on you but as far as the returns and/or exchange, i so feel you on that one! what gets me is that as a tall women we have to pay the price again and again and again for shipping if we dont have the right fit. i havent tried pzi yet but i have tried alloy whose fit is pretty good but i have the same sizing issues. once upon a time i only got my clothes online from jc penny so that if they didnt fit i could take them to the store and they would ship them back for me no cost but they seem to no longer carry the ultra tall length that was 37″ long. they know they have us at their (the supplier of tall clothes) mercy and it really isnt fair but what can you do?


    • Thanks for stopping by! Why am I your hero?
      I have to say I prefer Alloy jeans to PZI. (though I do like PZI, I just don’t think they are right for me) I have had much better luck with Alloy. I think you just have to know where to look when it comes to tall clothes. And remember, there are less tall women than average and short women. There are some stores that feel like we are not a big enough market to cater to so they either keep us as an afterthought or don’t sell to us at all. Sad but true. But luckily there is a fresh crop of stores that are catering to tall women like Talltique or Height Goddess.



  3. OMG PZI jeans are THE BEST!! Girl!! They are the only jeans that fit me PERFECTLY…. And although I ordered the wrong size the first time.. The second time they fit LIKE A DREAM!


  4. This company is taking credit for jeans they didn’t
    create The jeans they’re bragging about they never created but stole from a small company in Georgia that trusted them to help get their company off the ground. They put up the money and the company trusted them to do what they said.Well and after they got the secret fit they changed the name and ran with them!! Well God don’t like ugly,so that’s why they have never got big as Guess, so please check out where this great fitting jean came from before you buy them DO YOU REALLY WANT TO WEAR OVER PRICED JEANS
    I heard the company who made the jeans is planing to make a come back I’ll keep your readers informed when they are coming back!!! Thanks some people in the world care about the little guy I hope you readers do to!


  5. I am not tall but in my size they didn’t have my inseam length so I got long and I will definitely have to hem them but they fit better than any thing I’ve tried this far. I got size 12 because my waist is 34 and my hips are 45. It fits my thighs bottom and hips perfectly but I do have a little extra room in the waist which sucks. But these were in my price range and I do like them.


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