Barefoot Tess Brooklyn Wedge Sneaker Review

IMG_0678_cropIf you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you already know that I have been very anxious to get my hands on the BFT by Barefoot Tess Brooklyn wedge sneaker. I have been searching for a wedge sneaker in my size for ages and when I heard Barefoot Tess was getting some, I was beyond thrilled!

The Brooklyn comes in 5 colors: Black, Black/White, Red/Navy/White, Green/White and Burgundy/Teal. The shoe features a suede and leather upper, 4 velcro straps (3 across the top and 1 on the ankle) and a rubber sole. The sneaker has an approx 2″ hidden wedge heel and it comes in sizes 10-15. They are $119. But lucky you, if you use the code BFT25 right now, you can get them 25% off!IMG_0691crop

I ordered the Red/Navy/White in a size 13 and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. A minor hiccup occurred when I was sent the wrong color, but I finally got my shoes yesterday (shouts out to Candice and Barbara from Barefoot Tess Customer Service for their help)!

The shoes are just as great as I expected. The color I chose is very artsy and funky which I think fits my style. Makes me feel a little hipster-y. The best part about these shoes is that they are very comfy and easy to walk in. The ankle is surrounded by soft cushion so it doesn’t cut into your skin like some ankle boots tend to do.

The shoe feels a little wide on me, but that is probably because I am not a true 13. Maybe I’m a 13N? Does that size even exist? I don’t know. I think that because they are little too big on me, they look a tad clunky at times. But that is just me being nitpicky.IMG_0699_crop

I actually wore them to work today and I wore them all day with no issues. They even held up in the little bit of snow we had here in the DMV. I wasn’t slipping or sliding around nor did my feet get wet so that is a definite plus.

When I had them on, I didn’t even feel like I had on heels. I think that is partly to do with the wedge heel and the fact that the heel isn’t very high. That is my only gripe with the shoe (if you can call it that). I wish the heel was higher; 4, maybe 4.5″ would be perfect. I’m so used to wearing higher heels, I’ve become less than a fan of shorter ones. It’s like what’s the point? But, I like the shoe nonetheless.

One suggestion when wearing the shoe, something I learned the hard way, don’t wear ankle socks with these. There is a velcro strap that goes underneath the tongue of the shoe and it scratches exposed skin. A longer sock would help. It is not a huge deal, just an FYI.

I wonder if Barefoot Tess is getting any more styles of wedge sneaker (with a higher heel)? That would be awesome! *hint hint nudge nudge*

Anyone else excited about wedge sneakers? How do you like the Brooklyn? Leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping!


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2 responses to “Barefoot Tess Brooklyn Wedge Sneaker Review

  1. Nice review! I didn’t know they were only 2″ heels. I think I’m the opposite, I prefer the smaller heel more than a larger heel. But, on the other hand I don’t see anything wrong with having both, right? 🙂


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