Alloy and ASOS Haul

I went on a bit of shopping spree last week because of all the sales and what not and I thought I would come on here and share what I bought! Both ASOS and Alloy (two of my favorite stores) were having sales so I had to buy! I couldn’t help myself.

Let’s begin. At ASOS, they had an additional 15% off all sale items (Sweet!). I bought:


ASOS Bengaline Skirt with Blazer from Alloy

ASOS Bengaline Skirt in Teal. I love the color of this pencil skirt. It has no stretch but it has a slit up the back for easy movement. It is a little tight on me but I’m sure the next size up (a 14) would’ve been too big. I will just wear a longer top to not make my large rump too “in your face”. 🙂 The length is great. If you haven’t noticed, I love long pencil skirts. I think I’m going to switch it pretty soon and start getting more A-line skirts.


Lipsy Swallow Studs

Lipsy Swallow Stud Earrings. Really cute earrings. Lined with pink rhinestones, it adds the perfect touch of whimsy to any outfit.


Midi Dress in Cream. Forgive the blurriness.

ASOS Midi dress with belt in Cream. This cream colored chiffon dress would be a perfect dress to wear in spring/summer. It is a great flowy, lightweight dress to wear in warm weather. I wish it was a little longer but I still like it. This dress paired with a bright colored cardigan or blazer (I’m thinking mustard) and matching flats would be adorable. I love the belt that came with the dress. It is braided and it doesn’t have the little holes that other belts have so it can be as tight as you want. That is my issue with belts sometimes. I want to really cinch it in but I run out of belt notches. (Am I the only one?) This dress is a little big up top, probably because I am more of a size 10 on top then the 12 that I got the dress in.


Bee Cuff

And Mary Bee Cuff I’m noticing that I have a lot of animal themed jewelry. I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to these pieces, I’m really not a big animal lover. Anyway, I bought this bee cuff because I just thought it was cool looking. Another thing I have been collecting lately, it seems, is big chunky bangles and cuffs. I guess I am just tapping into my inner Wonder Woman/ superhero persona. Also, the bee reminds me of my grandma whose nickname is “Ms. Bea”.

Just Acces Impo Point Earrings

Just Acces Impo Point Earrings

Just Acces Impo Point Earrings I think this might be my favorite piece out of the whole haul. I just think these earrings are so cool. Cool, but not very practical. These earrings didn’t come with backs, the earring posts are just long. I’m guessing it is because if the earring gets caught on something, your clothes, purse or etc, it will just easily slip out of your ear instead of painfully pulling your ear with it. But then, you risk the earring getting pulled out without you noticing.

From Alloy, I ordered:


Utility Blouse

Utility Blouse in Green. Woohoo! My first purchase in the Pantone color of the year: Emerald Green! I like the mix of the gold buttons with the rich green color of the top. I like how the top is longer in the back than in the front. I think this top would look great with the Talltique bootcut jeans I bought from my Talltique jeans post.

Mustache Screen Tee

Mustache Screen Tee

Mustache Screen Tee I didn’t realize until I tried this on that it is too short and a little tighter than I expected. I was drawn to the print so I still like the shirt because of it. Makes me feel kinda hipster-y. Maybe I will wear it with a black pencil dress or high waisted skirt so I don’t have to worry about showing my goodies because the shirt is too short. Curse my long, beautiful torso.


Knit Blazer

Knit Woven Blazer in Blue. Speaking of realizing things after you buy them, I didn’t know the back of this blazer was sheer but it really doesn’t change my opinion of it. The color is gorgeous and when taking the photos, I discovered that it looks good with the teal skirt from ASOS. So score for me!

Annabella Blouse in Blush. I have not received this item yet because it is back ordered but I am really excited to get it!

Something that was brought to my attention recently, with the revamping of Alloy’s online shop, they added a Tall Shop! I am not sure how I didn’t notice this when I bought my stuff! Alloy has set apart jeans, dresses and etc just for us tall girls! All they need is offer larger sizes (right now they only go to 11) and more tops. More trendy jackets and coats would be awesome too. Bottom line: more of a selection please!

I hope you enjoyed my haul! I tried to buy things in different colors then I usually do. Trying to step away from the black and gray a little. Do you like any of the pieces I got? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping,


2 responses to “Alloy and ASOS Haul

  1. Love the earrings! I have bought a couple of pants from Alloy. They’re long and I like them. Oh, if you are on the mailing list for, I got a email today and they’re doing a buy one get one free on their jeans! They go up to 37″ inseam.


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