Long Tall Sally Haul

So Long Tall Sally was nice enough to send me a big package full o’ stuff to review for you lovely Junoesque ladies. I tried to pick a variety of different things to talk about. Hopefully this proves helpful to someone out there.


First up is the the Wild Rose Print Cardigan. I love this sweater. Most of the sweaters I own are basic black, gray or one the colored sweater I own; teal. So this funky sweater adds a bit of variety (and much needed color) to my wardrobe. The pattern is simply fabulous. It reminds of a painting which definitely appeals to my artistic sensibilities. It’s feminine but still cool. I got it in a medium and it fits perfectly. And it is not itchy as some sweaters tend to be. And the sleeves are long enough for my orangutan arms. And a plus! The sweater is now on sale!


The Richmond Straight Cut Jean in Bright Coral is next and it is a size 14 with a 36 inseam. I have to say when I saw the length on the tag I was concerned that they might be a tad short (since I usually wear a 37 ) but they weren’t at all. The length is perfect. And see Mom, more color! I love the color of the jeans. The fit is also great. They are not too tight or too loose. It was not a struggle to pull them up at all. On the site, they are listed as being “regular rise”.You can probably see where the jeans stop under my sweater in the pics. One pet peeve I have with mid rise jeans in general is the long bunching crotch. I’m not sure if it is my body type that doesn’t work with these type of jeans or what. I’m sure this is just me being nitpicky and no one notices but me but still…


Scarf Print Maxi Dress. I’m sorry to say this dress is not one of my favorites. But I like the mustard color and the roses; they work well together. I guess it is the pattern as a whole I’m not feeling? It’s not my style I guess. And this might be just me but I think the dress makes me look bigger than I am. The Scarf print maxi features a keyhole back and comes with a thin gold metallic belt. On the site this dress is listed as being 63″. I’m not sure this is true. This dress comes to my ankles in bare feet whereas my dress from Alloy that is also listed as 63″ drags on the floor when I am in heels. Short of taking out the tape measure and actually measuring each, one (or both) of them must not be really 63″. As far as the fit, the scarf print maxi is a little big in the chest and under the arms but fits well in the hips. I can always chalk that up to my pear-shapedness. Overall, it is a comfy dress. It is silky and lightweight which is perfect for summer weather.


The Mesh Pleat skirt is lovely though not as full and floaty as I thought. I expected it be one of those whirly, twirly skirts (for lack of a better term) where you spin and it spins with you. (Does anyone know what I am talking about?) This skirt doesn’t do that. This is not necessarily not a bad thing, it is just not what I expected. It reminds me of a Greek column; long and straight. There is a sheer tulle-like overlayer with a jersey lining. The length of the skirt is good; it just skims the floor in my bare feet. The color is a bright blue which I love. And the pleats of the skirt quells my pleat obsession (for now anyway).


I also got the blue Boyfriend Blazer which is not available on the site anymore it seems. I got it in a 14 because I saw that the 12 was sold out. It fits a little big but it is workable I think. This is another great colored piece that I think would be great with skinnies and flats. Perfect for a casual Friday at work.

Last thing was the Camden Skinny jean in Peacock which I was most excited about but they were too small. I couldn’t pull them up over my booty. Which is why there is no photo. lol They were a size 12 with a 36″ inseam. I think a 14 might’ve done the trick. They have very limited sizes left, so get them while you can.

Happy Shopping,


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2 responses to “Long Tall Sally Haul

  1. Elayna, THANK YOU for always putting such awesome pics of you modeling the clothes! As another tall woman, I very much appreciate seeing it ON someone before I make that click to purchase! I really hate that so much of our wardrobe must be purchased online without an opportunity to try it on first. But….seeing YOU in them first REALLY helps me decide if it may work on me as well! Thank for going the extra mile! You are beautiful!


    • Aww thanks!

      I’m really glad you found the pics helpful! I feel the same way. It is better for me to see how things fit on a person before I buy.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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