Haul Time!

Long Tall Sally sent me more stuff from their newest collection to try for review on the blog. I received the Intarsia Longline T-shirt, the Contrast Shoulder Stripe top, the Floral wrap top, Dip dye animal hi lo dress, Camden skinny jean in spot, the Camden skinny in light grey and the Pleather trimmed trench coat.


First up the Intarsia Longline tee. This is a thin knit short sleeve tunic. Great for cooler summer days. Because it is thin, I recommend wearing a cami underneath. I received a medium and it fits well on top but it is a bit snug in my hips so I don’t wear it at it’s full length because you see every lump and bump. I like the colors of the top.


I love the Contrast stripe Shoulder tee. It is a sheer coral sleeve double v-neck tee. As you know, I love stripes so you already know I am obsessed with this top. Add in the coral and I am done. The contrast stripe tee has a boxy oversized fit with a hi-lo hem. The back of the shirt ends underneath my behind. No more flashing people when you bend down. I just think this tee is so cool. I got this top in a Medium.


The Dip-dye animal hi-lo dress is one of my favorite pieces in this haul. Like the name suggests it also has a hi-lo hem. It makes me feel like a superhero or I’m walking down the runway. When I walk, the back swishes in the wind like a superhero cape. I feel super sexy and confident in it. The front stops below my knees and the back ends below my calves. The front features a wrap bottom so it opens when you sit. Also, the dress is also unlined so I recommend wearing a slip. I love the pattern and the green ombre. The fit is also great. It is loose in the chest and not too tight in the hips. LOVE! It is very flowy and comfy. I wore it to work the other day and had no issues. This dress has an elastic waist and the zipper down the front is also a nice touch. Mine is a size 12.

floral top

The floral wrap top is just what it is. It is a wrap top with a floral pattern. The fabric feels satin-y to the touch and has an elastic waist. It is nice and roomy in the chest. I have not worn it yet but it would great for the office. I got this in a size medium.


You have no idea how long I have been waiting for a nice trench coat. And this pleather trimmed trench is absolutely lovely. It is an update on the classic trench with pleather accents and black and gold shiny buttons. It is below knee length and the sleeves are the perfect length. The pockets also hit at the right spot. I don’t know how many jackets I have where the pockets are too high to be of any use. But the pockets on these are perfect. There is even a hidden pocket on the inside. Mine is a medium.


The camden skinny in light grey reminds me of 80’s acid wash. They are a tad hipster-ish but I like them. They are a thick denim with not a lot of stretch. It is my usual tight in the knees and thighs but loose in the waist. These are a size 14 with a 36″ inseam. I wore them the other day and though they were tight in the morning, they loosened up considerably through the course of the day. If I was even considering sizing up, I don’t need to now. The pockets are nice and deep and the inseam is perfect.

spot jeans

I also received the camden skinny in spot. These fit a lot looser than the grey ones even though they are the same size. They are a lot bigger in the waist so they bunch up in the front, which I hate, but I get over it. I will just wear a longer top. These spot jeans are a thinner denim with more stretch than the grey ones. They are like pajama pants they are so comfy. I need more plain white tops to wear with both of these patterned jeans.

All of these items are on sale now. So get them while you can!

Happy Shopping,


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2 responses to “Haul Time!

  1. Wowwee! That’s quite the haul. I love seeing these items on a fellow blogger. It helps to figure out what size to potentially get and helps me know how I might like the styles etc. I LOVE that dress. And the trench is to die for.


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