New Shoes! | Avenue + Payless

Like I said in my room makeover post, I was expecting more shoes in to add to my collection. They came in about a week or so ago and thought I should share them with you. I ordered the Elsa Lace up Combat Boot from Avenue and the Jetson Oxford and the Dream Slip-on from Payless. You may recognize two of them from my Fall wishlist.


I’ve had my eye on Avenue for a while now. If you don’t know, Avenue is a plus size clothing store that offers everything to jackets, tops and dresses to shoes and intimates. They always have pretty nice looking shoes and they go up to a size 13 in wide width so I have been wanting to give them a try. So I was just browsing like I occasionally do when I remember that it exists and I saw these gorgeous boots. The Elsa is a military style round toe boot that goes great with skinny jeans or leggings. The boots go up to a size 13 and since this boot only comes in wide, I ordered a 13W. The sizing is perfect for me. I am glad I got the Wide because has enough room for me to wear thick socks when the winter comes and enough room around my ankle and lower calf to not be too tight and cut off my circulation. The insole is pretty comfortable. Not super hard like some boots are. I usually wear them laced halfway and the laces wrapped around my ankle and tied. That seems to be the trend now. But I would wear them laced all the way up too.

When I ordered the boots, I decided to also try some tights because my coworker who is almost as tall as me (she’s about 3″ shorter), told me good things about them. But I must’ve ordered the wrong size because they were too short. Instead of sending them back and dealing with all that, I just gave them to her. Maybe I will try them again in a larger size eventually.

If you remember the Fall Wishlist post, you know that I was obsessed with the gray Jetson Oxford from Payless so I just HAD to get them. When I ordered them, it was the last day of BOGO so I got the slip-ons too because I thought it would be nice to have another pair of casual flats. I ordered both in a 13.


I have yet to wear the oxfords, but I love them. Everything I already mentioned in the wishlist post is what I like about them. Like I said, I love the stormy gray color and the soft suede fabric. I like that they are a higher heel than my brown oxford pumps I bought a couple of years ago. (Similar ones here.) I also like the chunky heel and the stitching detail of this pump.

I would wear these with tights and a floaty, pleated dress or a bow blouse and a pencil skirt. I like the idea of mixing a menswear inspired piece (like these pumps) with more feminine fabrics and silhouettes.

The Jetson also comes in black and red patent leather with both going up to a size 13.


I’ve worn the Dream slip-ons a couple of times now. And they are pretty nice. They are like a knockoff version of TOMS. I usually wear them with jeans with the hems rolled up. The slip-ons are made out of a thin linen-like fabric with a rubber sole. They are simply a comfy, casual shoe to wear everyday. And of course, I had to get them in gray, but Payless has them in a number of colors including black, leopard, pink floral and even flag print. Most come in 12, a few colors go up to 13.

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