The long walk


The walk

The walk from the office to the metro (and vice versa) is always an eventful one. It is on this stretch of sidewalk that I get the most comments and encountered many a “height hound.” In fact, most of the stories I tell here on the blog have taken place on my walk to/from the office. Needless to say, I garner attention wherever I go but it is this area that it seems to happen the most.

It is a 2-block walk from the Metro to the office and this stretch of sidewalk has a high concentration of people. And because this area gets a lot of foot traffic, there are a number of homeless men that like to congregate here. And because I travel this route everyday, I tend to see the same people and them, me. I guess they feel like they know me after a while and feel comfortable enough to tell me how they feel. (I may be reaching on that one.) And it is not only homeless men that I seem to attract. I have had a few encounters with “regular” men that are still much older and have no business trying to “holla” at a 24 yr old.

Just a few examples : There is the drummer outside the Metro station performing for money who calls me Slim and says he loves me. The guy selling the local homeless newspaper who says he loves tall women every time he sees me. The homeless man outside the 7-11 who said the guy was blind and even asked me to marry him when he wins the Powerball. Just yesterday, there was guy unloading a truck who yelled that he loved tall women as I was walking by and if I “had a minute” to talk to him.

I must add that I have never feared for my safety, felt disrespected or been on the receiving end of super inappropriate comments. So I’ve been pretty lucky as far as height hounds go. I find it funny and it keeps me entertained. Life is never boring.

Do you have a place that you frequent where you get the most comments?

Ta Ta Lovely Ladies,


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