The Tall Life (in Gifs)

Back by popular demand, it is time for the 3rd installment of the Gifs post series! Enjoy.

1. When I see a tall guy eyeing me from across the room.

2. Then I get closer and he’s not that tall

3. When someone tells me that I am “wasting my height” by not playing basketball

4. When someone gets mad at me for wearing heels. I’m like:

Jealous, much?

5. When someone says they don’t like a show I like. Sherlock, for instance. I’m like:

6. When someone excitedly tells me that they are 6’0″ in heels.

Congratulations… I’m 6’3″ barefoot. So yeah…

7. When I am stuck in a elevator or train, or in line and someone is going on and on about my height and how great it is.

Thanks, but I would like to leave now…

8. When a super super tall guy walks in the room. Everyone else is like OMG and I’m like:

9. On the rare occasion that I am at a party and a good song comes on…. I don’t dance. I’m too cool for that.

10. When I see someone staring at me and I figure I have to do something

11. When I learned that ASOS was getting a TALL line

12. When someone makes a lame tall joke. i.e. “You’re so tall when you do a cartwheel you kick God in the face”

13. Or “You’re so tall when you tripped on a rock, you hit your head on the moon”

14. When a short guy gets mad at me when I say that I don’t date short guys

Sorry Dude…

That’s it for now. I hoped you liked it. And if you have any situations or prompts that you want me to find gifs for, let me know in the comments.



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