HBD to Me! 10 Random Facts Pt 5

You made it to the end! My birthday is tomorrow and it’s time for the last batch of 10 facts about me. Did you enjoy them? Go ahead, you can lie to me.

1. Cool Ranch Doritos is my addiction.

2. I hated my toes when I was younger. I didn’t like to wear sandals.

3. I was obsessed with fairy/fantasy art especially the work of Amy Brown in high school. I even have a couple of her art books.

4. I thought I wanted to be cosmetologist. My grandmother was a hairstylist and I had 4 big styling heads to work on. I was a teenager and still doing hair on those heads.

5. I LOVE peanut butter. I can eat it straight out of the jar. I used to take a big spoon and scoop some out and eat it off the spoon. Peanut butter with apples or with waffles, oh I love it!

6. My favorite kind of pizza is Papa John’s BBQ Chicken pizza. Uggh it is sooo good!!

7. I love the show, Avatar The Last Airbender. I refuse to see the movie.

8. I have never been on a date.

9. Hayao Miyazaki is my hero. Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Porco Rosso, Kiki’s Delivery Service; I love them all

10. I love researching my genealogy. I have traced my family back to the 1860’s but because of slavery, the trail runs cold. I hope to go where my family lived in Greene and Cleveland Counties in North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee and Rock Hill, South Carolina to pick the trail back up.

Happy Birthday to Me!


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