Top 10 Crazy Pickup Lines (in Gifs)

People can say some crazy things sometimes. I think tall women know firsthand that this is true. I have talked in previous posts about the crazy things people have said to me, especially the things height hounds have said. I wonder sometimes if they actually hear themselves when they speak. For this edition of my gifs posts, I decided to illustrate the top pickup lines I’ve heard (yes guys have actually said this stuff), in gifs.

1.  You’re “firm” not too big or too skinny. Firm? (Click the link for the whole story. lol)

2. “Let’s get together, make a basketball team…have some tall, beautiful babies”

3. “You’re a tall glass of water and I’m thirsty.”

4. “I loooove tall women! Do you date short guys?”

5. “You are so beautiful. Have you had breakfast yet? Has anyone shown you how beautiful you are?” (This is not so bad in itself, but when you take into account that he was at least 70…)

6. “When I win the lottery, would you marry me?

7. Hey Slim, let me talk to you for a minute!

8. “Just go ahead and put your number in my phone..” Umm, what? Sir, I don’t know you!

9. “I’ve been looking for a big, tall girl.” Big?!

10. “Thank you for looking so good today.”  (again much older gentleman. Again, click the link.)

What is the craziest thing anyone has ever said to you? Share in the comments and you might see them in my next Gifs post!

Until next time,

elayna name

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