My Top 10 Tall Actors in Hollywood

Here is the post I promised in my last one. I was inspired by Not Another Tall Blog’s Top 5 Actors in Hollywood post to create my own. I don’t know why I never did this before especially with my Tall Women in Hollywood list.

It is actually a bit surprising to see how many tall men there really are in Hollywood. They don’t look that tall on TV and you assume that most of them are short. But no, there is actually a pretty good selection to choose from. I say choose from as if you are picking them out of a catalog…

I do have to note that in order to narrow down the list I had to enact a height requirement. The Tall Club dictates that a man has to be 6’2″ to be included so that is what I did here. Here is also a handy chart to help you start your own list.

Okay on to the reason why you are here: my top 10.

Tom Hiddleston, 6’2″. He is one of the shortest on my list, but he is definitely one my faves. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know who he is, Tom played Loki in The Avengers and both Thor movies but he is also a Shakespearean actor who has played Prince Hal/King Henry V in The Hollow Crown miniseries on PBS and Caius Martius Coriolanus in The Donmar’s stage production of Coriolanus.


Lee Pace, 6’5″. I love Lee Pace, so I can’t believe I didn’t know before now that he was that tall. Lee Pace has played Thranduil in The Hobbit movies, he played Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy but my favorite movie of his is The Fall directed by Tarsem Singh. Google it. It’s amazing. Plus his voice is butter.

Joe Manganiello, 6’5″… I have no words…

Armie Hammer, 6’5″. Armie was in Mirror, Mirror, The Lone Ranger and The Social Network. He has said that his height hurt his career. ‘This (my height) kept me from getting jobs for a long time. I was too tall to play the young version of whoever, too big for this and that and too tall to stand next to whoever.”

Jason Momoa, 6’4″. Jason was in Game of Thrones and will also play Aquaman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Boris Kodjoe, 6’4″. Yep.

Idris Elba, 6’3″. YAASSSSS! *faints*

Zachary Levi, 6’3″. I didn’t know he was that tall either. If you didn’t know, Zachary was in the tv series, Chuck and the voice of Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled.

Hugh Jackman, 6’2″. Who doesn’t love the Wolverine? Plus he can sing and dance! He also made a cameo in Night at the Museum 3 that made me laugh out loud!

Ryan Reynolds, 6’2″. He was in The Proposal, The Croods and will be Wade Wilson/Deadpool in the Deadpool movie.

Honorable Mentions:

Denzel Washington, 6’1″ The man has not aged. In fact I think he looks better the older he gets.

Benedict Cumberbatch, 6’0″. I love Benedict Cumberbatch but he is only 6’0″ so he had to get bumped down further on the list. If you haven’t seen him Sherlock you are seriously missing out. But he was also in Star Trek into Darkness and The Imitation Game.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 5’11”.  He is such an amazing actor I had to include him. Not to mention the accent. He was in Twelve Years a Slave (which I still haven’t seen.), Talk to Me, Love Actually and Kinky Boots.

Robert Downey Jr, 5’9″. RDJ4EVA!


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2 responses to “My Top 10 Tall Actors in Hollywood

  1. I was here because I googled Lee Pace to find out how tall he is. I love him so much as Thranduil, but also in his TV show Pushing Daisies, where he is paired with Kristin Chenoweth who is a tiny 4’11”!! So awesome.
    I was very surprised you didn’t mention Jared Padalecki, the gorgeous, talented, and very tall actor, famous from Supernatural and Gilmore Girls! 🙂 His stats claim that he is 6’4″ but I think more like 6’5″.


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