Alloy Tall Review

I did it! I’m finally getting this post out! Aren’t you proud of me?

So I was approached by Alloy to do a review of their tall clothing to share on the blog…and here it is.

If you have tried Alloy before, or have read my previous Alloy review posts, you know that Alloy has some great, inexpensive pieces, but they can be a bit hit and miss with sizing. You just have to be prepared for some trial and error. They have a great selection of jeans and pants with inseams up to 37″. Their extended length dresses and skirts are definitely that. So they are definitely worth a try.

I received the Rachel Wide Leg Jumpsuit, the Haylee Maxi Skirt in Coral, Knot Front tee in white, and Aztec Print bag. I also requested the Taylor T-Strap in black and Ellie Pattern Flat in Navy/White.


I first ordered the jumpsuit in a 2XL in the Blue Multi pattern. I wanted to try the jumpsuit trend that seems so popular right now and I loved the funky pattern of the blue multi. It was going to take me out of my comfort zone and I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the fit of the 2X was a little small on me. It fit perfectly on top but alas, my bottom half was looking a little too bodacious for normal human consumption. So I requested a size up: 3XL. But they didn’t have the blue multi in that size so I had to get the navy instead. It is still a beautiful color so it’s all good.


The 3XL jumpsuit is very big on me especially up top. So much so that is is a necessity that I wear a tanktop underneath. Otherwise I will be all hanging out. But because it is loose, it is very comfy and I like how it swishes when I walk. And I have to mention that the 3XL inseam is longer than the 2XL so I really like that. The fabric also feels nice on the skin, not itchy or scratchy but I can’t say it is super breathable.

This jumpsuit would be perfect for a cool day on the beach. It has the usual problems of a jumpsuit though. You have to almost completely undress in order to go to the bathroom. And the button in the back might be tricky to unbutton when you really have to go. I also wish it had pockets.


That’s it. Look up to the sky majestically…

The skirt is long and comfy but a little sheer so you have to wear something underneath it. I wore a slip under mine but you can see the wrinkles of the slip through the skirt. I got the skirt in a size 2x but the waist/foldover portion is a little big so it hangs a little weird. Overall, I love the color, the length and how swishable it is.


The knot tee is nice and long. It’s a bit thin, so I wear a tanktop underneath. I love to wear it with my new aztec print leggings. I think this top looks better with leggings because leggings give you nice smooth lines and the flow of the tee is not interrupted with the thick fabric and buttons of jeans and what not. You end up seeing the lines of the jeans through the shirt and it just looks weird to me.


Pouty face for some reason?



Both pairs of shoes were supposed to be a 13 but they are both too small. They both feel like a 12. I asked for the sandals first. I needed a pair of black sandals and loved the pattern so I thought these were going to be perfect. In fact, that is what I was looking forward to the most. I finally got them and tried them on and…womp womp. Not only was my heel hanging off the back, I couldn’t even fasten the ankle strap. I know I have “solid” ankles but still. Maybe I could have made it work if the strap was longer. Maybe. I got the flats to replace the sandals, and they too feel too small. My toes are bunched up in the front of the shoe. I can make it work and wear them for a couple of hours or so but not all day.


I love the bag. It is great and I use it when I don’t want to carry my big purse. As you can tell by now, I am obsessed with Aztec patterns right now so that is why I chose this one. I needed a small bag that I can use to just carry the essentials and it is perfect for that.


elayna name

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2 responses to “Alloy Tall Review

  1. I always appreciate it when I feel like the blogger is giving a very honest opinion even though the items were gifts. So bravo to you for sharing the good and bad in detail. I think the jumpsuit looks super cute on you and swishiness is always good! 🙂 I also love how you styled the bright maxi with a bright tank. Very eye-catching. xo Beth


    • Thanks Beth. That is always my goal is to be honest in reviews especially when it comes to tall clothing. I never want to be “you should buy this just because”.


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