Fashionista Flea Market Recap

Last weekend, I was a vendor at the Fashionista Flea Market in Bowie, MD founded by fellow tall girl, Monica Byrd. I loved it. It was so great to be around so many talented, creative and black female entrepreneurs. There was a sense of comraderie that I loved. No competition or animosity. It was great. I had a good time chatting with my neighbors and discussing #tallgirlproblems with the vendor coordinator, Te (aka The Style Medic) who is also fab tall girl.

Vendors sold shoes, clothes (not tall sized unfortunately), jewelry, natural hair and body products. There were also food vendors. This one woman sold what she called SweetPots. They were cakes in mason jars. She gave out free samples of her Honey Bourbon Carrot Cake and uggghhh it was soooo good. I think they would be great for weddings. Filing that away in my memory bank for later.

I even bought something (even though I didn’t plan on it going in). But I saw these beautiful jewelry pieces and I had to. The maker is Kiana of Art by Ashanti. You can check out her shop here. I definitely will be buying more.

I went to the market to sell prints of my artwork and just to network and get my name out there. Since I am working for myself now, I have to work hard to consistently get jobs and I can’t do that unless I market myself. The flea market is a good way for me to network because people came to me to talk and have a conversation which is somehow easier for me. I do enjoy the one on one, face to face interaction with potential clients and clients see that there is a person behind the artwork and designs they might see online.

By the end of the day, I sold 2 prints and got a bunch of new clients. A lot of people commented that they love my work. I have to admit, it made me feel good to see people liking what I do. I am definitely going to do it again. In fact, I have already signed up for the August 8th date. Mark your calendars, and if you are free that day, come on out and see me.

And if you are not local to the DC area, you can still view and purchase my work in my Etsy and Society 6 shops.


elayna name

P.S. Have you checked out my tee shop? ‘Her Royal Tallness’ tees at! Order now. Campaigns end July 29th.

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