I finally found some leggings!

Leggings have been pretty popular, for what, a couple of years now? And I had yet to find leggings that fit me until now. Most of the tall sites I went to that had leggings were way too short (31″, 32″, 34″ are you kidding me?) Well I finally found some at a whopping 36″! I was actually worried that they were going to be too short but they were perfect! I found them at Long Elegant Legs. I’ve always wanted leggings because of the number of “dresses” I have that are way too short. I think leggings should be an integral piece of a tall woman’s wardrobe because of that exact reason.

So about these leggings. I got them in black, size Medium. They are super comfy, long, and stretchy. I can definitely see me wearing these out for wearing them too much. They come in 4 colors: charcoal, black, brown, and navy.

Redwoodlings has a pretty extensive list of where else to find leggings here.

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