Sometimes it feels like…

You all may know the part from that old Rockwell/MJ song, “Sometimes it feels like somebody’s watching me.” That is a true everyday statement for Junoesque women as tall as me and my sister are. I think I would be alright if they just looked, y’know just a one second glance. I would be content with just a look; you notice how tall I am and then go about your business, but noooo . . . They look, and then look twice just in case their eyes are fooling them, and then they just stare. They watch me as I walk through the room or wherever I am. I don’t know if you’ve ever been stared at by a group of people, but it’s creepy and a bit nerve wracking. I can’t help but get a tad paranoid when everyone is literally watching me. It gets even worse when you know someone was looking, and just as you make eye contact they look away. Part of me wants to scream, “I know you were watching me! The least you can do is let me catch you. Even with this there is an upside, if you can believe it. All the staring will prepare you for the superstar, rockstar, singer, actress, model lifestyle on your horizon. Start practicing that model walk and that megawatt smile, Junoesque ladies, you never know who’s watching.

2 responses to “Sometimes it feels like…

  1. Love your writing. I have often wondered perhaps the hardest part of being a very tall girl is that you are always going to be noticed. As a very average (height/build wise) 5’9″ guy, I realize, if I need a gallon of milk or want the paper or any such quickly needed item, and I go out slightly unkempt, unshaven etc, who will notice? If you need that “quick” item, you don’t have that luxury. Even one minute in the store, you will be noticed! I would think it a real pain to have to “freshen-up” at least some every time you need to go out.


    • Thanks Joe. Yes it is a pain sometimes. But you have to get to a point of not caring who is looking. People are going to look and point and stare. You can’t stop that. You just have to keep being you. (and if I want to go out in my robe to get the mail or get some milk in a hoodie and sweatpants, I will. It doesn’t matter who sees.)


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