Story Time!

I think that being tall kinda attracts “interesting” stuff to happen to you. I thought I should share one of mine in particular…

I used to be a graphic designer at an opera company and every year they put on a giant fundraising event at an embassy in the city. Last year, it was at the Chinese Embassy. It was a grand and over-the-top party. There were politicians, opera singers and ambassadors everywhere.

Okay, fast forward to the end of the night. The lights are coming on and waiters are coming out of their respective places to start to clean up. Me and a friend are walking toward the door getting ready to leave, and two of the workers stopped me. I turn around and there is a sizable group of waiters standing there. With camera in hand, two of them tried to talk to me in broken english and hand gestures. I thought they just wanted me to take a picture of them with what was left of the extravagant decorations. But when one of them went to stand next to me and the other had the camera, it dawned on me that they wanted to take a picture with me! When I realized this, I couldn’t stop laughing. I bet in the pictures I am cheesing like an idiot. I wish I had the presence of mind to tell my friend, who was off to the side laughing her head off, to take a picture herself.

They both got their picture with me and we all went off on our merry way. I’m probably all over their Facebook pages. I wonder what their captions for those pictures were…

Sadly, since I don’t have the picture, I tried to somehow give you guys an idea of what it might have looked like. I’m sure I didn’t even come close to the pure hilarity that is that picture, but there you go.

Does anyone have any other funny stories? Feel free to comment below.

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