Conversational Etiquette: What to say to a Tall woman

So I was talking to one of our readers and he told me that the reason why some people ask tall woman annoying questions may be because they simply don’t know what to say. So I decided to provide a public service and help “those less fortunate” in the do’s and don’t’s of talking to tall women. Enjoy.

Don’t stare. It’s rude and creepy…
Don’t yell questions or pick-up lines at her from across the street. A big no no.
Don’t try to compare your height with hers by standing next to her. “I’m 5’6″ so you must be 7’0″!” Not cool.
Or even worse, if she’s seated get her to stand up to see how tall she is. Prepare for a fight.

Don’t ask:
“How tall are you?” There is no reason for you to know the answer to this question. This is basically the same as asking someone how much they weigh. Rude.
“Do you play basketball?” Stereotypical. Not everyone who is tall plays basketball. She could be an opera singer or a doctor or a pro-wrestler for all you know. Don’t be surprised if tall woman replies “No, are you a jockey?”
“How’s the weather up there?” This is just stupid. Please don’t say this.
“Are your parents tall?” Again, no reason why you really need to know the answer to this.
“You are so tall!” WE KNOW! There is no need to remind us.

And any other tall-related questions.

Now you’re wondering, well what can I say?

What about “Hi, how are you?” or “You look absolutely stunning today!” or even “I’m not worthy of being in your presence, please forgive me. I will now back away slowly while averting my eyes”. Either is fine. Basically she is a regular person so talk to her like she’s a regular person.

Hope this helps,


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2 responses to “Conversational Etiquette: What to say to a Tall woman

  1. I’m tall. I’m a woman. I like being tall and I don’t even mind when people ask me those questions – except the basketball one. My son is 6’8″. I’m shrimpy next to him. Isn’t it great to be tall?


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