Cinderella’s Other Stepsister

Ooh it fits! No wait, never mind…

Have you ever thought about what it was like to be Cinderella’s Stepsister? Do you know how she must have felt trying to fit her large foot into that tiny glass slipper? All she wanted was a nice pair of shoes and she ended up barefoot and alone. It’s not her fault she was born to have ridiculously big feet. And because of those big feet, she didn’t end up with the handsome prince. Talk about feeling jipped. I feel like that whenever I go shoe shopping. Going to store after store, being disappointed again and again when there are no shoes in my size. The highest size that most shoe stores carry is a 10. Even in Payless and DSW where they carry 12’s, sometimes the only shoes I like only go up to an 11.

I wear a 12 or 13 depending on the shoe.  But it is a given being so tall. It would be very strange for me to be 6’3″ and have size 6 feet. If my feet were that small, I probably wouldn’t be able to stand, let alone walk. Don’t underestimate the necessity of those big feet, Junos. But I digress.

On top of them being large, I think my feet are a little wonky. I am in between sizes. 12’s are sometimes too short and 13’s are oftentimes too big. Even 12 W and 12.5 are too short. But I’d much rather have my shoes too big then too small. So when I’m ordering online, to play it safe, I will just order a 13 and just deal with the extra room in the shoe (if there is any).

I have a few “go-to” online stores that I shop at for shoes. I can not stress this enough, online stores are a Juno Girl’s best friend. My favorite stores are:

Barefoot Tess: They have great designer shoes and they go up to…wait for it…a size 15! And if you like them on Facebook, you are privy to all the discounts and sales they frequently have.
Payless: Even though sometimes they don’t have my size, Payless is still one of my favorites. They offer more stylish shoes then they used to and they’re pretty cheap. And they often have BOGO sales. They go up to a size 13. They have free shipping and have a pretty varied selection up to size 13.

Some others that you can try:
Zappos: Can be hit or miss. A lot of their shoes are “old people shoes” but they do have a couple of hidden gems.
Nordstrom: Nordstrom has great designer shoes up to a size 14.
Macy’s: Less of a selection than Nordstrom but still pretty good.
Nine West: Designer shoes up to size 12
Target: Not a very big selection of size 12’s but they are there…
Piperlime: Up to size 12
6pm: Again hit or miss, but okay
DSW: Up to size 12
(Torrid and Avenue both offer “plus-size” shoes that are wide width up to size 13 and their boots have extended width calves.)

Anybody else feel like the Stepsister sometimes? Where do you get your shoes from? Did I miss any great Junoesque-friendly shoe stores? Share below!

The Other Stepsister,

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