Talltique Visit!

The showroom

As you may (or may not) have heard, there is a new tall fashion store on the scene called Talltique based in Arlington, VA. Luckily, their showroom is not that far from me so I decided to go check it out for their Spring Showcase. I have to say I was very impressed. I took a lot of pictures so you Junos can see. Forgive me for the quality of the pictures, all I had was my cellphone camera (Needless to say, I really need a professional camera).

I first met Helen, the 6’3″ founder of Talltique, at the Metro and we rode together to the showroom. We talked about the lack of fashion choices and clothes that fit for tall women. And what better way to remedy that by opening your own store! Talltique is small right now which is why it is in a house, but Helen plans to expand into a storefront or even a warehouse space with a showroom. (Don’t despise this day of small beginnings, I always say.)

When we got to the showroom, the first thing Helen showed me were the jeans. The jeans, called Yoga Jeans, come in skinny, flare, and bootcut in the colors blue denim, black and white. I am a big fan of skinny jeans so I tried those. They are mid-rise (which I appreciated because haven’t we all had enough of the super lowrise trend?) and very long (38″ inseam I believe); much longer than any other jeans I own. They fit very well with no gaps!

Super long jeans!

The white ones are actually supposed to be ankle length and they’re dragging on the ground. And the blue ones were so long they bunched around my ankles. That doesn’t happen!

The next thing I tried was the Infinity Maxi Dress. And by maxi I really mean a maxi. Definitely the highlight of my day to finally see a maxi that is actually a maxi on me. I don’t know how many “maxis” I have that barely cover my calves.

I love this dress!

The dresses

It is called the Infinity because the straps can be styled in a myriad of different ways to change the look of the dress. The dress can be halter, one shoulder; practically any way you can think of. Helen told me when she was picking the sample, she asked the designer how long could she make the dress, the designer said that she could make the dress as long as Helen wanted. And it sure is long. I am actually wearing heels in this picture and the dress still touches the ground! And the pattern and colors are gorgeous. Helen also plans to get the dress in shorter lengths just for going out. The Infinity is only one of the maxis Talltique has. Unfortunately I didn’t try those, but next time for sure!

Talltique also has 7 foot long yoga mats, tanks, tees, pashminas and accessories. The jewelry is handmade from a local designer and the hair ties are from India.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Talltique and I definitely plan to go back very soon. Currently, you can not order from Talltique online but the online shop will be open later this year. The showroom is located at 3524 16th Street South in Arlington, VA. If you are in the area and want to swing by, make an appointment by email: Helen@talltique.com, by phone: 1 (855) 330 -TALL (8255) or online. Or you can have a Talltique personal stylist bring the styles to you and do a personal in-home wardrobe consultation (up to 2 hours away from Arlington, VA). You can also sign up for the Talltique mailing list to get updates when they get in new stock.

Check out more pictures of the showroom on The Junoesque Facebook Page. And go like Talltique while you’re at it!

Jewelry and purses

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    • Thanks Mimi!

      Great, I’ll check it out!

      Unfortunately I didn’t, but I definitely will! They are planning to open the online shop soon so maybe you will be able to get it for yourself!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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