Why are you so tall?

I am part of a chemically engineered race of superheroes created to protect the universe. I have a cape and everything!

I was dropped into a vat of nuclear toxic waste as a baby which made me grow the size of a house. This is the best the scientists could do.

I ate way too much vegetables as a kid. I was partial to spinach and brussel sprouts.

I am actually an alien sent here from a planet called Amazonia to scout out Earth to ready it for the mighty Amazon invasion. Resistance is futile, Earthlings!

The Parental Units in the spaceship before it landed.

Is this how people expect me to answer that question? How else was I supposed to be tall unless I just grew that way? Duh.

But, seriously. Height just runs in my family.

Let’s start with my parents. My father is 6’8″.  Yes, I said 6 foot 8 inches. Please pick your jaw up from off the floor. (Why do people always freak out when I tell them that?) Mom likes to blame Dad for me and Eisha’s size, but I think blame is a strong word. I credit him. It is not completely his fault. My mother likes to excuse herself, but she is 6’1″. She is tall in “regular” life, but is actually the dwarf in the family. And Myiesha, who for a long time was the runt of the litter, is now taller than I am at 6’4″.

My mom’s dad, who we called PawPaw, was 6’5″. His brothers and sisters are also pretty tall.

On the flipside, my dad’s parents were not that tall. Granddaddy was about 5’10” and Grandma was about 5’7″. Technically, taller than average, but not that tall. And according to family legend, my dad’s great grandmother was 6’5″ (She apparently also smoked and had a gun).

So to answer your question I get my height from a tall family tree. But I won’t throw away the theory that one of  my ancestors might’ve come from an alien planet with superhuman powers. Who knows?

Until next time,


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13 responses to “Why are you so tall?

  1. I think the chemically engineered race of superheroes, despite tall lineage in our families, is the most realistic explanation. It also explains so much more.
    Anyway, I loved reading your family’s story. Thanks for sharing!


    • I agree. I think this theory actually explains the tall lineage. The manufactured superhero gene couldv’e been passed down through the generations.




  2. lets face it has grown ups, to make how tall, or short you are a issue, is a clear indication how shallow you are, now that aworry, now off you go and get a life,that not a tall order.


  3. Awesome post. So glad your mom sent me the link! I’m tall too…but only 5’9. I guess it is all just relative. My son is 6’6 and his younger brother almost 6’3…..we’re getting there! Enjoy your height! I pity the small people…..


    • Thank you, I’m so glad you like it! Technically, you’re taller than average…

      Oh I love my height, I would hate to be short. My mom calls them “those less fortunate”. HaHa!



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  5. Your story is pretty much my story, lol… My mom is 5’9″ and my dad is 6’9″, so unless something strange was to happen to my “height” gene, I was bound to be one TALL GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE. I remember being taller than my Kindergarten teacher, she was an itty bitty lil old lady. For years I thought my cousins were the only tall people I would ever get to meet, because of my dad’s job, we moved almost every year and I swore we always moved to the cities with the shortest people.

    I can honestly say, thank God for blogs and Twitter because in the past two weeks I have “met” more LOVELY LEGGY LADIES and I am so grateful you all have decided to share your funny stories.


    • Tall glass of champagne I like that…

      In my family growing up I was always the tallest. My mom, dad, and sister are the only really tall ones. None of my cousins are very tall. (But I do have a lot of cousins that I’ve never met, so I never know.) My mom does have a cousin though who married a 7’2″ NBA player but I’ve never met him either. Their kids are tall I think.

      I know it’s really amazing how many of us are out there. Makes you feel less alone.



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