Wow, I thought I was tall!

I cringe whenever a fellow tall woman says this to me. It’s worse than the dreaded “You’re tall!” comment. It is obvious that I am taller than you. Why do you have to say it? You have to excuse short people because they don’t know any better. But my fellow tall ladies, you know how it feels to have your height as the topic of conversation. How awkward and aggravating it is to have strangers come up to you to talk about nothing but your height. So why do we do this to each other? I guess we feel like because we are tall too, we have the right to tell someone they are tall or ask how tall they are. We usually don’t get the opportunity to tell someone else that they are tall but trust me, it doesn’t make it any less annoying.

To come up to me and say “Wow, I thought I was tall!” is like saying “I’m glad I’m not as tall as you are. With you here, now I feel more normal”. Or “You’re more of a freak than I am!” What am I supposed to say to this? “I’m glad that you feel better about yourself now by demeaning me. Now my life’s purpose has been fulfilled. I can now die in peace. Thank you and have a wonderful day!”

I know it is nice to see a fellow tall woman, believe me I do. I get giddy when I see another tall woman. I think we should immediately be best friends forever. We could team up and go scare some short people or go to a basketball game and look for future husbands (or whatever tall friends do together). But there are better ways to express your excitement. Next time try: “Hello, tall friend!” or “The Amazon invasion is nigh!” (We really will be best friends forever if you say that to me.)

So Junoesque ladies, tell me. Am I being too sensitive? Anyone else feel the same way? Comment below!

Peace out,


12 responses to “Wow, I thought I was tall!

  1. No your not being to sensitive, but…. I totally say that to other tall girls. Its just that I am so excited at the prospect of a friend that I could share clothes with I don’t know what else to say…lol


  2. Me being 6’6″ I hear that ALL the timeby other tall women. Infact, I once had a tall woman who was over 6 ft to have the audacity to tell me, she had to move away from me because I’m too tall to stand next to. WOW!!! I’m like you…I secretly want to hug every tall woman I see and tell them, “Hello my fellow sister!”


    • Well that’s just rude! lol. I think when God gave us our height he had to give us a an extra dose of patience and humility too because it is a wonder how tall people don’t beat people up more often cuz some people deserve it. lol



  3. I get this now and then and think it depends how tall you are. I’m a bit more than the average tall (I’m 6’3) and there aren’t many women my height, so it may be a natural reaction. It is sometimes insulting – I would be very upset to get the comment Tamara got – but mostly it is probably just a quick reaction coming out.

    More often, when I run into someone my height or taller we end up talking and I’ve had a few nice lunches as a result – and even a solid friendship come of the meeting. These have usually started with a smile that recognizes we share something that isn’t very common and that is very neat.

    It varies from country to country, but 6′ women are about one in 500 in many places, my height is about 1 in 20,000 and someone who is 6’6 is maybe 1 in 300,000 or so. So those who are taller than average tall really are much rarer.

    Coming back to your question. I now think that it is just someone else started by the novelty. I don’t really think of myself as tall very much anymore, but when I see another tall woman – even if she is a few inches shorter than me – I think I compare to the rest of society rather than myself and often think “damn – she’s tall” .. and then I think “well – I guess I must be too”. So I usually say something friendly in response like “really sweet, eh?” and sometimes it leads to a nice chat.


    • Thanks Jheri. Maybe I should conduct an actual class on Tall Conversational Etiquette so there would be no question on what to say to a tall person because some people just don’t know what to say out of their mouths. It would save a lot of embarrassment and awkwardness.



  4. I think ther is just so few of us. I so long to talk, really talk to another tall woman. I feel this need to strike up conversation at any cost. Strangely though there seems to be no immedeiate commaderie. I’ve never really talked to another tall woman.


    • Me too Jessica. And I don’t think I have ever seen a woman taller than me and get super excited when I see a fellow tall woman. But I think some tall women (me included) can be a little guarded sometimes when we are out and about because we are so used to all the stares and the side comments so we are not so willing to talk to people.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Maybe it’s because I’ve been tall my whole life but most girls who tell me this are 5’7”-5’9” and honestly I see them as midgets.. so *kanye shrug*


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