In the Navy

So my mom needed a recent pic of me for this blog post she did about yours truly (I still think it is weird that my mother has a blog but I digress) and I happened to like the outfit I had on in this picture so I decided to share it with you all my lovely Junoesque ladies.

This outfit features my favorite skirt from ASOS. I love that it hugs my curves and is long on me. I paired the skirt with a peplum tee because I love this trend, I think it looks great with pencil skirts. Unfortunately, this top is a bit thin and I have the same problem with a lot of my tops; it fits my arms and my chest but it is too big around my waist so the top makes me look a little wider than I am. Maybe if the shirt was made of a thicker, stiffer material, it would look better.

I paired it with my favorite octopus necklace which now that I look at it, I really didn’t need. It’s throwing me off a bit. Notice the huge earrings? I’ve been wearing a lot of big earrings lately because of the super short do. I have to say I like this look on me. They are from Forever 21 and I got them for a whopping $3.80.

Love these shoes!

And the shoes! Aren’t they cute? They are brand new from Payless. If you like them, now is the best time to grab them because Payless is having a BOGO sale!

ASOS Midi Pencil Skirt in Navy/Red similar one here

My pet octopus necklace from Modcloth

Lela Rose Pontevedra pump from Payless

Peplum tee from Alloy

Threaded Hoop Earrings from Forever 21

Happy Shopping,


P.S.  If you want to read my mom’s blush-inducing gushfest about me, here is the link. And don’t forget my sister’s! Her’s is here. Eisha must share my pain…

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