Tall Maxi Dress from Alloy?

Yes that is correct. I just got a long maxi from Alloy! A lot of the time when I order maxi dresses they are decidedly less than “maxi” grazing my ankles at best. But when I first heard about Alloy’s Extended Length Maxis last year, I was intrigued. They boast a 63″ length unlike the usual paltry lengths I’ve seen such as 54″or 58″, which needless to say is impressive. But me being my usual suspicious self I doubted that it would actually be long enough. I thought somehow that they would trick me. That it would end up too short. But when I took the dress out of the package and held it up to myself,  it touched the ground. Score!

Alloy has 2 types of these extended length maxis. There is the Carly Knit which is the older one and the Nicole Knot which I have. The Nicole Knot Maxi comes in Charcoal Gray, Eggplant and Black. I ordered it in gray. I am obsessed with gray at the moment. I have gray jeans and tops even gray nail polish. I love gray! But I digress.

The dress is a little sheer which can easily be remedied with a slip. The texture is not very soft. I’m not sure what I expected. Jersey maybe? Jersey this is not. It is listed as a Poly/Rayon/Spandex blend but it is not itchy or anything. I don’t mind it. I ordered an XL and I am pretty sure the L would have been too tight especially in my arms and bum. It’s a great dress and eventually I want to get the purple one as well. (Purple is also one of my color obsessions.)

When I was walking around in the dress with bare feet, I found myself repeatedly tripping/standing on it. Which to me is super cool. That doesn’t happen to me often. Heels were much better and the dress was still so long that I couldn’t tell that I had heels on.  The only things I don’t like which are only minor offenses is that the dress has a weird smell and I don’t really like the seam that goes down the front of the dress. This seam is not visible on the Alloy website. I’ll get used to it I guess.

I like that there are more and more fashion options opening up for the Junoesque. What’s the next move for Alloy? I suggest size 12 and 13 shoes. That would be awesome!

Nicole Knit Maxi Dress-Extended Length from Alloy. $44.90-$46.90. XS-XXXL.

If you want more long maxi dress options, check out Talltique (their online shop is up and you can get 15% off your first online purchase!) or Height Goddess.

Happy Shopping,


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7 responses to “Tall Maxi Dress from Alloy?

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  2. That is a very pretty dress. I doubt you’ll trip over your maxi dress lol, they’re meant to be worn with heels anyway… Unless it’s still draping to the ground with heels on, then you’ll have to down a size perhaps or do some customization. Check out http://pearlposh.com , they have great prices and free shipping.

    ^The dress does look knotted in the center O.o


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