I’m a Weirdo Magnet

Height HoundI realized that it has been a while since I shared with you all a story out of my vault. (It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’m so sorry! I’ve been a little busy lately plus had a slight case of writer’s block. I will do better I promise.) So…it’s story time!

I am convinced that I must be a weirdo magnet. It seems that only weird height hounds who has some strange fascination with tall women approach me. It never seems to be the 6’10” athletic artsy dude who is tired of dating shrimpy girls. Ah me…

Ok back to my story. One time I was on the subway with my mother riding home from having dinner out. We’re riding along everything is cool but then, oh then, this older gentleman gets on the train and sits down in the seat directly facing us. As we ride, I notice that this man is staring at me. I’m hoping that if I don’t make eye contact, maybe he won’t say anything. So I tried my best not to look at him which I have to say was difficult since he was sitting right in front of me and he was clearly staring me down. Like he would look at nothing else but me.

I don’t know if he finally worked up enough courage or what but he finally said to me, “Thank you for looking so good today.” I admit I was caught off guard partly because it wasn’t like I was glammed up or anything. I was just wearing jeans and t-shirt. Plus that was a line that I had never heard before. (Give the guy points for a originality.) But I politely said thank you and tried again to avert my gaze thinking that the conversation was over and I can ride the rest of the way home in peace. Not so. He continued to tell me how beautiful I was and how long and gorgeous my fingers were. (My fingers? What kind of pick up line is that?) He asked me how tall I was and I told him. He replied that 6’3″ “is a good height”. This went on for a while and then my mom finally said, “Are you trying to hit on my daughter?” Probably thinking that he would stop. He quickly replied “Yes! Yes I am”. Well that didn’t work. Thanks anyway, Mom.

Now this man was probably about 65 but he looked much older. Life had not been good to him. He was overweight and had no teeth. He told me that he was 5’7″ and that the most powerful men were short. He said that he was a former Marine and that Marines were the best. He even asked me for my number. If it wasn’t so funny I probably would have been seriously creeped out. My mother and I tried very hard not to laugh in this man’s face. Y’know to spare his feelings and because we didn’t know what his mental state was… Don’t want to make a scene on the Metro. There’s nowhere to run…

Unfortunately our stop is at at the end of the line so me and my mother had to wait and hope that this dude would get off the train. Again not so. We finally got to our stop and my mother and I practically ran off the train to get away from this guy. If I was never before grateful for my long legs I was definitely grateful then. Did I mention that it was my birthday that day as well? Well Happy Birthday to me…

Why can’t a normal dude ever come up to me? Why must it be these height hounds? Oh, one day my 6’10” prince will come… le sigh

This was not the first or the last time that something like this has happened to me. Perhaps next story time I will share another one of my experiences with these height hounds. Am I the only weirdo magnet? Share your own stories in the comment section below!

Until next time,


12 responses to “I’m a Weirdo Magnet

  1. I’m there with you, Elayna. Although I have to say this is an extraordinarily creepy incident for you. It’s frustrating when your disinterest does not tip them off and they persist… It goes beyond the whole “can’t blame a guy for trying.”


  2. I’ve been there and got the T-shirt! I often get guys coming up to me asking if I’m Spanish/Italian/German. They always seem a bit disappointed when I tell them I’m a Brit. I had one guy at a bus station who was determined that I was Italian. He went as far as to ask me my marital status and say he would marry me. Given he was in his fifties and short I wasn’t interested! In the end he was creeping me out so much I had to walk to where I was going as opposed to waiting for the bus! I also had a guy who followed me out of a supermarket once. He clearly hadn’t got the clue when he asked me if I was European, I’d said no and walked away. I was tired and fed up, plus felt quite vulnerable and ended up telling him to leave me alone!


    • I know how you feel. One guy asked if I was Hispanic. I’m not sure where he got that from as I have decidedly negroid features. One kissed my hand all chivalrous like. Gross!


  3. I’ve encountered my fair share of weird people, but never as creepy as the guy from your experience. Thankfully most of the weird people I’ve met have become some of my best friends 🙂 Haha!

    Here’s to finding our 6’10” tall dashing princes so that the scary/creepy weirdos will be too intimated to come anywhere near us! ;D


  4. Yikes! Sounds like an awkward subway ride to say the least. You know how strangers think it’s perfectly acceptable to touch a pregnant woman’s stomach? I wonder if men are more apt to bombard us with their creepy, inappropriate comments because we have something noticeable and unique about our physical appearance so they feel like it’s OK to go there…or maybe these men make oddball comments to short women too…Who knows. My “favorite” weird comment is the whole “hey…I want to breed with you so we can make pro athlete babies”. Ummmmm……no thanks!


    • I don’t think awkward is an adequate enough word. What’s worse than awkward? lol

      Good point about us having something noticeable and unique like pregnant women. I haven’t thought about it that way before.

      I usually get the “I looovve tall women” in that creepy, stalkerish voice. And I’m like what does that have to do with me? That seems like a personal thing that you need to keep to yourself…lol

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Indeed I simply cannot go to the liquor store, CVS, or rhe two gas stations closest to my home because each has a short strangely inappropriate man (one of the gas station has 2) that seem perversely fascinated with my height & my boobs (I’m a 36F). Sigh


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