I guess I am taller than I thought I was?

menace_height-28jh3tiSo I went to the doctor* a couple of weeks ago for my annual check up. Y’know, the usual, to check your blood pressure, height, weight and etc. I always get a little nervous when I get on that scale. I’m afraid that I’ve gained an exorbitant amount of weight or grew an extra 2 feet (Does anyone else get nervous?). Come to found out, I had gained 20 lbs since my last visit (2 years prior. Don’t judge me.). That didn’t phase me as much but the nurse measured my height and she said that I am 6’4″ instead of the 6’3″ that I tell everyone. I have to admit I was a little shocked and in disbelief.  I was always told growing up that girls stopped growing at 18. What am I doing still growing at 23? You mean I was lied to? Jerks.

I convinced myself that the nurse had measured to the top of my hair (It’s getting bigger!) instead of the top of my head. Plus she was short so she couldn’t accurately measure me correctly anyway. So I went home and measured myself the old school way. I stood up against a door and marked to the top of my head and took a tap measure and measured from the floor to the mark. I measured 6’3.5″. Now that’s better, right. Is it?

And I guess the exact number doesn’t matter. Eisha measured 6’5.25″ instead of 6’4″ but she said if anyone asks she still going to say 6’4″. It’s what she’s used to. Force of habit you can say. I will probably do the same thing. I can say that I am 6’9″ and people would believe me. Bottom line is I am very tall. Point blank period. And nothing is going to change that and I really don’t have a problem with that.

Until next time,


*Footnote: My father wants me to add the fact that I have been going to the same doctor since I was born. And that when I was younger, I used to give my doctor “the evil eyes” whenever she would walk in the room and follow her around with my eyes because I was afraid she was going to give me a shot. He used to laugh every time I did that. I guess I figured she wasn’t going to catch me off guard again. I was going to be ready.

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