New Boots!

Last week, my sister and I received some new boots from Barefoot Tess and they are awesome! I can’t say enough good things about Barefoot Tess. For girls that have “a larger footprint” like me, Barefoot Tess is a godsend. I got the Dolce Vita “Zela” boot in a size 13 and Eisha got the BFT by Barefoot Tess “Dayton” in a size 14. They are both black, flat knee high boots.

IMG_0607 touch

My review: These boots have the look of a motorcycle boot, giving me enough cool girl edge when I need it. I especially like the silver zipper down the back and the asymmetric edge on the top of the boot. These are features that make the boot different which is what I like. The Zela is very comfortable. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable boots, believe me I know. The straps and silver buckles are adjustable, the soft leather and 1″ heel adds to the comfort and great fit of these boots. And they fit my calves perfectly. I usually have the opposite problem than my sister; a lot of boots are too big in my calves but these are great. The flexible sole makes it easy to walk in and keep my feet warm in this East Coast cold weather.

Eisha’s review:IMG_0610_1 touch I love the fit of these boots especially in the calves (I have been told I have ham hock calves). The adjustable straps are a great feature. The zipper on the side makes the shoe easy to get on and off. The heel has enough lift so they aren’t too tall so I can walk in them for long periods of time. The straps and buckles on the boot make me feel like a rockstar. And they are perfect for kicking butt. If I ever so choose to kick butt, I would choose these. Overall, who wouldn’t like a pair of black leather boots?

Like these boots? Get them here:

BFT by Barefoot Tess “Dayton” boot in black Sizes 11-14

Dolce Vita “Zela” boot in black Sizes 11-13

(And if you don’t like these, don’t worry because Barefoot Tess has a huge selection of different boot styles and colors.)

IMG_0614 touchThanks Barefoot Tess and TesSpeaks About Style!

Happy Shopping,


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