Do I look like a Man?!

Forgive my poorly drawn mustache. I drew it with my left hand lol

Forgive my poorly drawn mustache. I drew it with my left hand lol

Am I the only one who has ever been mistaken for a man? Ever gotten the “How can I help you, sir?” or had to correct someone over the phone, “I’m a woman.” It’s a little embarrassing for both sides really. I guess because only men are supposed to be tall, people get confused when they see a tall woman. But I’m taller than most men so should I be classified as a being all my own? (I must really be an alien after all.) It doesn’t make it any easier when you can’t find clothes to fit and have to get something 2 sizes too big, so they can’t see your womanly figure, just so it’s long enough.

It’s insulting to be perceived as unfeminine just because you’re taller than average. My dad hates it when I say I look “mannish”. He gives me an emphatic “You do not!” But of course, he has to say that, he’s my dad. I have to admit it. I have “mannish” features. Broad shoulders, long limbs, big hands and feet. But I also have more “womanly” features too.

Luckily, I don’t think I get mistaken as much as I used to even with my short haircut. I guess it’s because I’m a little curvier now than when I was younger.

One particular instance I can remember was when I was about 15 and at the hair salon. I was sitting under the dryer and an older woman sitting across from me said to the woman sitting next to me, “Your son is very handsome”. The woman next to me said,” That’s not my son and I think that’s a girl.” Umm, you think?! First off, why would a guy be sitting under the dryer? I guess she was being cautious just in case I was a boy. I just sat there acting like I didn’t hear them. What could I have said? I had no clever or biting retorts. Plus, these were older women. I didn’t really want to be mean. I guess.

Or just a week or so ago, I was walking to the train station from work and a homeless man called to me, “Excuse me, sir can I have some change?” Then I looked him in the face and I guess he realized his mistake because he got this embarrassed look on his face and motioned that I was tall. Like that made up for it. I brushed it off and kept walking. So I get to the station and this time a homeless woman said, “Sir,” I turned toward her, “Ma’am, could I have some change?” Needless to say neither of them got any change from me. Call me salty, I don’t care. But, if you wanted to ask someone for something you wouldn’t insult them first would you?

I guess this means that at first glance I look like a man but my face is feminine? I guess I feel better that my face is not “mannish” just my height is? I guess people don’t have the time to really look at people any more. But like I said before, this is the first time I have been mistaken for a man in a long time so I guess I won’t think too much of it.

So have you ever been mistaken for a man? Share your stories below. I’d love to hear from you!

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11 responses to “Do I look like a Man?!

  1. As I mentioned before four of my exes are taller than I am (I’m 6’3″) and I can tell you that all them were stunning, extremely feminine ladies and all of them were mistaken for a man at some point nonetheless. In particular I remember one in particular who was asked if she was a tranny because she was “too tall to be so beautiful”. WTF? It is remarkable the things people say so casually. Sadly I imagine it is these kinds of absurd and thoughtless statements which have made it so that I have never met a tall woman who did not have at the very least some lingering self image issues (or worse). :-\


  2. I too get tired of tall = male, If a man accidentally bumps into me, I get “Sorry mate”. I’m wearing feminine clothes, not like when I was younger and had to make do with male shoes and clothes.


  3. Honey, I am 5’11 (but I live in a “shorter” country than the US) and I get the same thing from strangers. People don’t seem to be actually looking AT you, I guess. They just see a shape. If the shape is tall, they assume it’s a “sir”. I have an hourglass figure and was called “Sir” even when when wearing a sundress and sandals. I wear a D cup.

    I also noticed how people who are not strangers mistake me for other tall women, who look nothing like I do, except that they are also tall. I am a brunette and I have been mistaken for my friend Alice who is naturally blonde with blue eyes. I’ve mistaken for my friend Kinga, who is overweight while I am skinny.

    I’m afraid there is not much we can do about it.

    Of course, swaying hips, long hair, dresses, accessories and make-up might help, but still.


    • Thanks Karolina for commenting. I’ve come to notice the same thing, people don’t take the time to actually look at me before assuming I’m a dude. Oh well…can’t take it personally.



    • Done. Thanks for sharing your story anyway (and I hope your coworkers didn’t see it). We always talk about how tough it can be for tall women and don’t think what it’s like to be on the opposite end as a shorter man.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      • Sorry. I don’t have the ability to do that. I can restore your comment from the trash but I can’t change the way your name is displayed. Sorry.


      • My sister always made me look like the girl. When i was 14 my 11 yo step sister had a growth spurt. I was 4’8 and she grew to 5’7! She was a foot taller and her feet were a ladies 9 while i was a boys 4. She towered over me and was physically much stronger. I will never forget, we were watching tv, and she wanted to watch something. I had the remote. She came over and picked me up by the legs and flung me down. She the grabbed the remote and
        Stared at me. She said you know i can beat you up. Dont make me. Look at your little legs comparded to mine. Her legs were almost twice my size. I started wearing her panties and shoes that night. Her panties slid off me and her shoes were almost twice my size.I have been a short sissy ever since. Im only 5’6 and she still towers over me.


      • I’m so sorry you were treated that way and that it has affected you so much.

        But I think that from this day forward, you should let that go. Don’t let past hurts define you. Resolve to feel better and have confidence in yourself and others will follow. It starts with you.



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