Pinterest Picks of the Week

Did you know that I love Pinterest? Did you know that I spend every day on Pinterest browsing through the beautiful, beautiful pins? Well now you do. And now I’ve figured out another way to merge my love/borderline obsession with Pinterest with the blog. Plus for those that don’t follow me on Pinterest (you should by the way) it will keep you up to date with my latest Tall Fashion Finds and a myriad of other things from nails to crafts to recipes and all the stuff in between.

For “Pinterest Picks” I will post my top favorite 5 things (at least 5) I’ve pinned in the last week. So, here are this week’s pins. Clicking on the picture will lead to the pin on Pinterest. Clicking on the pin will lead to the website source. Enjoy!

Alloy top

As the caption suggests, I love the color. I also like the gathered detail on the back. This top will be great for spring with dark wash skinny (or bootcut if you prefer) jeans.

Elizabeth Spike

I just pinned this one this morning! It is the Elizabeth wedge from Barefoot Tess now with studs. So cool and as my sister would say, “Rockstar!” It also comes in the color taupe and goes up to a size 15.Style inspiration

Pinterest is a treasure trove of style inspiration. I saw this and thought this would be another great outfit to try and recreate for us tall girls. I think I would replace the pink skirt with the teal one I just got (or another color) since I don’t like pink. This will probably be one of the next “street style” outfit recreations so stay tuned for that.

LTS tunicI actually pinned this more than a week ago, but I thought it was so pretty I just had to include it. It is a little expensive for my taste but I just like looking at it. Maybe I will get it when it goes on sale.

DIYI pin a lot of DIY tutorials especially sewing ones (when I get around to teaching myself how to sew). I think tall girls have to be crafty in order to refashion the clothes for “normal people” that don’t fit us.

Hopefully you enjoyed my Pinterest picks for this week. And I will like to note that I will not be responsible if through these posts, you become addicted to Pinterest too. Though I will welcome the company. 🙂 Oh, if you want to look at the full product of my devotion to Pinterest, click here to go to Pinterest page (at last count I have 1,775 pins. Is that bad?). Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest?

Happy Pinning!


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