Pinterest Picks of the Week

It’s time for another Pinterest Picks of the Week! Pinterest Picks will not only be stuff I’ve pinned in that week but things I have found useful that week. Okay Now here we go.

bbq chickenI love to cook and bake and Pinterest is a treasure trove of great recipes. Like this recipe for example. Following this recipe, the chicken came out so moist and delicious I got seconds and thirds! It was that good. This is why I love Pinterest because you always discovering new things that you probably wouldn’t have normally.

nailsNow don’t look at me funny. I was kinda dubious too at first but it actually works. But you have to wait until your nails are dry to the touch before you do this. This quick set will prevent the polish from denting or wiped off.

fearFear is a big thing with me. Not doing something because you are afraid something is going to go wrong or what people will think of you. Think of the many amazing things you would do if not for fear. Fear is not of God (He did not give us the spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound mind). Fear is nothing but a trick of the enemy to hinder you and get you distracted and away from your destiny. This serves as a reminder (to me at least) that I may feel fear but to act anyway. To do what I know I am supposed to be doing.

outfit ideaThis is another outfit I want to try and recreate for us tall girls. It looks so comfy but she still looks good. She is effortlessly put together yet she is young and fun.

jeansThese are jeans from Method Boutique, another tall girl store that seems to have come out of nowhere. I first heard about them from The Tall Blog’s Facebook page. If you don’t follow them you should. So I went on Method Boutique’s website to check it out and they have some pretty nice stuff. Jeans go up to a 38″ inseam and they have a little bit of everything from tops to jackets to sweaters. I think these jeans might be my first purchase from them.

comic book flatsI like the idea of making things yourself or re-purposing old things to make them new again. I think this project is so cool and apparently 311 people agree with me. And it seems very simple to do. Maybe I will start posting DIY projects here on the blog. It will give me an excuse to actually do all the projects I have pinned.

hairAnother thing I have been doing on Pinterest is pinning pictures of natural hair. As you may now I did my big chop (aka cut off all my relaxed hair) almost 6 months ago and I pin natural hair pictures to serve as my inspiration when I get frustrated with my hair and want cut it all off again. Reminds me if I just hang in there and be patient my hair will grow too.

These are my top pins of the week. I hope you enjoyed it. Come back next week for more pins or just go straight to the source: my Pinterest page.

Happy Pinning,


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