Payless Haul

This is a small one. This past President’s Day Payless was having a 20% off sale and I just had to get these shoes! I ordered two pairs of shoes: the Brash Kosmic Platform Pump and the Airwalk Flurry Moc.

pumps 1

You may remember the Kosmic from my Statement in Stripes outfit post. I had originally chosen the Gabriella Rocha pumps for that outfit but when I saw these, #1 I immediately wanted these for the outfit instead and #2 I wanted them for myself. I ordered them in the color Light Brown in a size 13 and they fit perfectly. IMG_0788crop

I have to say I was a little nervous about getting these 5″ stilettos. Not about the height though. I mean I have 5″ wedges. But that is the thing, they are wedges. They have a lot more stability than a heel. I am little nervous about losing my balance in these and falling. And if I fall, it is an even longer way down than usual. So needless to say, I will be extra careful walking in these.

I love the color on these. I have been looking for a beige, neutral pump in my size and these are perfect.

When I first tried these on, I immediately thought of the extra long bootcuts I got from Talltique (and wrote about here) and decided to see what these heels looked with them.IMG_0786crop As you can see, the hem of the jeans still touch the ground! That is absolutely mind-blowing to me. I never thought I would see the day. Okay Back to the Haul. The Kosmic pumps are on sale now for $29.99 and they also come in Black.

The mocs I originally bought to replace another pair I had that are old and got drenched in a severe downpour we had a couple of days ago ( I don’t know what I was thinking wearing mocassins when I knew it was supposed to rain that day. sigh). But I tried them and I thought they were better as house slippers than regular shoes (though I just might wear them out too. shhh don’t tell anyone). I ordered these in Gray in a size 13. They are roomy and comfy.IMG_0772_cropDo you like my pants? I got them from Long Tall Sally a couple of years ago. And coincidentally they match my shoes! I digress.

These mocs are lined with fur which makes them very warm and comfy. Perfect for wearing around the house or out (friends don’t judge). Now that I look at the pictures, these kinda look like Old Grandpa shoes which adds to the charm for me. I know, I’m weird.


These come in a number of different colors up to a size 13.

So that’s my haul. I hope you liked it.

Until next time,


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