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IMG_0653-crop I’ve been wanting these Zen Vintage black skinny jeans since Talltique first got them. More like when they posted the pics on Facebook before they actually got them. Bottom line: I wanted these jeans. I loved the mesh texture going down the side of the jeans. It added something different which I liked. So I finally ordered them not long after Christmas; call it a late Christmas gift to myself. And when I ordered them, Helen the owner, was nice enough to send me two other Zen Vintage styles to try out.

First up is the Zen Vintage Black Skinny with Netting Detail. I love them! They are just as good as I imagined. I ordered a 34 because of the “super skinny jegging fit” listed in the description on the Talltique website. It turns out that was a great decision. I have thick legs (my thighs especially so) and I doubt I would have been able to fit into my usual 32.

The waist of the 34 is a little big but is easily solved with a belt. No big deal. Otherwise they fit well. Not too tight or too loose. I actually wore them to work today with my new boots from Barefoot Tess and an oversized gray sweater from Target. I was very comfortable plus I looked good.

so long!

so long!

The next were the Zen Vintage Bootcut Dark Wash Jean. Can I just say that they are Ah-mazing! I was thoroughly impressed by how freakishly long they are. I actually looked these up on the Talltique website; they have a 41″ inseam! I just might have to buy them because I doubt I will ever see jeans this long anywhere else. They are so long, there is no way I can wear flats with these. They are a size 32 and they fit great.

IMG_0661-cropThe last pair was the Zen Vintage Light Skinny with Holes. They actually were a little tight on me (blame it on my thunder-thighs). But I like the distressed look of these jeans. They fit well in the waist and bum otherwise. These were also a 32.

Talltique’s jeans usually come in sizes 26-34. If you live in the DC Metro Area you can go visit Talltique’s showroom in Bethesda to try them out for yourself. Just call (855) 330 -TALL (8255) or email to make an appointment. Links to the jeans I talked about are below.

Zen Vintage Black Skinny with Netting Detail 38″ inseam

Zen Vintage Bootcut Dark Wash Jean 41″ inseam

Zen Vintage Light Skinny with Holes 38″ inseam

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