Model vs Basketball Player

modelvbasketballI realized recently that I am asked if I am a model (told that I should be a model is more like it) a lot more often now than I used to. Though I find it flattering, I’m not really interested. But it got me to thinking, why is it I am flattered if someone tells me I should model but I am offended when someone tells me I should play basketball? Both are based on the assumption that these are the only things tall people would be good at whether they have the desire to or not.

I have friends who have already expressed interest in being my agent, coach and publicist. They persistently tell me to go on ANTM. I am facing intense pressure from all sides to go “strut on the runway” but I’m not really feeling it. Thanks but no thanks. Don’t need all the drama.

So let me ask you, which is better: to be asked if you’re a basketball player or a model? Is there a difference? I find myself getting more upset when asked if I play basketball. Why is that? Why is being seen as a model a compliment but being seen as a basketball player an insult? Like I said, both are based on assumptions so why is one better than the other?

I asked this on the Facebook page a while ago and of the few people that responded, model seemed to be preferred. Why is this? Is it because basketball is based on physical skills, like strength and speed, which are not necessarily “feminine”, that being asked if you are a basketball player insulting? No tall woman wants to be seen as manly. Would we rather be thought of as physically attractive rather than strong or fast? I guess I like being thought of as a model at least it means I am considered somewhat attractive, right? Everybody wants that confidence boost every now and then, right? So maybe that is why we want to distance ourselves from the whole basketball thing but accept model with open arms. Is that fair to the amazing women who play basketball? What does that say about views on women as a whole?

And models though beautiful, are often assumed to be less than intelligent, materialistic and snobby. So why is being thought of as model a good thing? Models are seen as perfect female specimens. They exude confidence and self assurance. But according to this interesting article I read, models are the most insecure people ever. I can see why. I would rather not have my body scrutinized under a microscope by strangers. And I don’t really want to prance around in my panties for the world to see. This does not sound like fun to me.

I want to open this up for discussion. What do you all think? Please share in the comments section below.

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4 responses to “Model vs Basketball Player

  1. Models are still “female”. Honestly models have been downgraded as most men “now” prefer short & obese women & Tyra has made manly models “a thing”…? But look at old school “super Models” Tyra, Anna Nicole, Rebecca, Claudia, Cindy, Bobbie Brown, Angie Everhart etc… Those women were “hot” , tall models that appealed to women & men… They were still considered women (although it was in photos)… So we can take it as a compliment. I realize some women play basketball but truly it’s considered “male” and that’as that so no compliment… But with the model bashing and total embrase of short & fat women us tall girls best buy a cute cat or like some form of pussy? lol it’s ok


    • Thanks Jessica for commenting! Haha I don’t know if men really prefer short and obese women now but I literally laughed out loud when I read that.
      No cats for me thanks. I am waiting for my 6’10” man lol.



  2. I hope you find him. Invite me to the wedding đŸ™‚ especially if he has a twin brother who isn’t looking for a munchkin haha….


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