Pinterest Picks of the Week

I was on a pinning frenzy this week! Here are my Pinterest Picks.

victoria's secret

I love this dress. And it’s from Victoria’s Secret! It comes in 4 colors and 2 lengths; 38″ from waist and 41″ from waist. Great for us tall girls. I like how light and flowy it is and it is has pleats which seems to be really big in fashion right now.

39 inseamIf you didn’t know already, Alloy has set up a tall shop. And I was notified by one of my followers on Twitter, Briy, that they had 39″ inseam jeans. I looked and I saw these! I’ve always had my eye on these jeans but I thought that 37″ inseam would be a little short to wear with heels and etc. But now that they offer 39″ it is perfect. I think it is great that Alloy is catering more to their tall clientele. I still think that they need more of a selection of merchandise in their new tall shop, but I can be patient as they go through their growing pains.

type zThese great spiked flats are from Zappos and they go up to a size 12. They also come in black.

diy matte nailsAs I mentioned in a previous post, I do my own nails and I’ve been wanting to try the matte nail trend but I couldn’t find any matte nail polish or mattifiers in my local drugstore (and within my budget). So I saw this on youtube and if this works, it would be awesome; I wouldn’t have to go out and buy more stuff. God Bless the Internet.

watchModcloth is one of my go to places for funky, vintage inspired jewelry. I’ve had my eyes on this watch for a while. I’m trying to practice self control so I won’t be getting this now, but know that I will be getting this soon.

uggUGG has another pair of cute sandals! These come in 5 colors and go up to a size 12.

cookiesI’ve been really into to baking and collecting recipes lately and this looks like a perfectly decadent cookie to eat on a lazy Saturday. Looking forward to making this one.

So, I hope you enjoyed this week’s Pinterest Picks. Stay tuned for next week’s picks. And if you can’t wait that long, you can go straight to the source.

Happy Pinning,


2 responses to “Pinterest Picks of the Week

  1. I am loooving that pleated maxi dress. I want to see if I can get some kind of discount for it (if VS has a spend $xx save xx%)


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