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I got a catalog in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Simply Be. In it, there was this pencil tube skirt in aztec print and I immediately wanted it. I’ve been trying to get more bright colors and patterns in my wardrobe and this skirt would be perfect to break me out of my blacks and grays. I liked this skirt so much I even featured it in one of my Pinterest Picks. Unfortunately, when I went to order it, that pattern was out of stock in my size (size 12) so I ordered the ditsy print instead. And I love it! The ditsy print has painterly splotches of flowers with splashes of red orange, yellow, teal, green, blue and black. Perfect for spring and summer.

ditsy skirtThe skirt is stretchy but not too tight which is great for my wide hips. It also has an elastic waist. It comes in 2 lengths 19″ and 27″.  I ordered the 27″ which is right at my knee. When it arrived, I loved the fit of the skirt so much I immediately went to order the same skirt in the aztec print. It is backordered now but it’s coming and I can’t wait! I probably should have bought the aztec print right away but I wanted to make sure the fit of the skirt was right before I bought another one. Better to be safe than sorry.

I also ordered a dress because it was on sale. What can I say I love a good sale. This lightweight jersey dress is perfect for lazy days. I like the dress but I should’ve taken into account that I am not plus size on top so the dress ends up looking slightly boxy on me. At least it camouflages my belly. A wide belt, denim jacket and some low top chucks should help. It also goes past my knee so I think that makes up for the boxiness.

gray dress

A little more about the company: Simply Be is a UK based plus size clothing store that has sizes 10-28.  They have a tall section but honestly their idea of tall is laughable. Taken directly from their website:

With most ranges we offer 3 lengths STANDARD, SHORTER, AND LONGER. Shorter – 5′ 3″ (approx height), Standard – 5′ 5″ (approx height), Longer – 5′ 7″ (approx height). This is only a guide and you may be outside of these heights. For example the guide shows that if you are looking for a knee length skirt, length 23″ will be correct if you are 5′ 3″, if you are 5′ 5″ you will need 24″, and you will need 25″ if you are 5′ 7″.

5’7″? really? What, women over 5’7″ can’t be plus size? Ridiculous. I’m not as upset that a store doesn’t have tall sizes. I am more upset that it is marked tall and comes way too short. It shows a lack of understanding of actual tall consumers. My opinion. A few examples: Their longest inseam in jeans is a 34″. Their maxi dress at 55″ long would just graze my calf. Hilarious. But they have pretty cute stuff so it is worth looking around to see what you like. And if you are shorter than me they have more options for you than they have for me.

Has anyone else tried Simply Be before? Let me know how it went for you below.

Happy Shopping,


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