I think I might have a problem…

I’ve bought a couple of items that just arrived and I thought I’d share. But as I look through my purchases, I realize that maybe I need to reign in my shopping habits. Don’t get me wrong I love everything I got and I look forward to sharing them with you but I think I might have a problem. My wallet is saying maybe I should slow down a bit…lol

So what did I get? First there was the dress from eShakti (you can click the link for that review.) Then I got 2 pair of shoes from Payless, my skirt from Simply Be finally arrived and I got TWO purses. One from ASOS and one from Modcloth. A lot right? I know. But at least you get to see from fabulous stuff that fit us tall girls.


If you may remember I ordered this skirt months ago and I just now got it. It seems like it has been backordered forever but my patience has not gone unrewarded. It finally arrived a couple of days ago and I even wore it to work. As with any tube skirt, it rides up but you just deal with it. This skirt must be really popular but is out of stock again in a 12 but it seems to have the other sizes, 10-28 available. I noticed that this skirt fit a lot tighter than my ditsy print skirt in the same size. My sister said that maybe I just gained weight but my other skirt still fits fine. So there. I think I love the pattern on it as much as when I first talked about it months ago. This definitely takes me out of my monochromatic color zone. I layered it with 2 tanks from the colors from the skirt. I paired them with my old sandals from Barefoot Tess.


Payless Icebreaker Captoe comes in black, nude and pink. These black suede pointed shiny gold metallic captoe are fabulous. They fit a little snug around the toes because of the point but I LOVE them. They are so hot! I will deal with the discomfort. They go up to a 13.


Avery Bow Flat if you have read any of my recent posts you know that I am obsessed with aztec/geometric prints right now. I had to get these shoes plus I needed more flats. These also go up to a 13. And I just found out that Payless is having BOGO right now!

I got this twist headwrap as well. I am trying inventive ways to deal with my hair on not-so-good hair days now that it is longer but not quite long enough for a ponytail.

I also ordered some purses because the one I bought for my birthday (almost 3 months ago) is not holding up well (I guess no more Target purses for me. At least not for every day.) so I thought I should get a couple more because most girls have more than one purse right? Right?

It looks kinda floppy because nothing's in it.

It looks kinda floppy because nothing’s in it.

Green with Ivy bag I bought this bag for its plethora of pockets. I have been looking for what feels like years for a purse with more than the obligatory cell phone and zip pocket on the inside. And this purse definitely has a lot of pockets. I think it would be a great carry-on bag. It has a lot of room and can fit a lot of stuff. The nautical inner lining is great. The reviews said that the zippers get caught on the fabric a lot but I haven’t had that problem. But I haven’t used it yet.


Aldo Dechert Perforated Zip Shopper  This has the standard pockets on the inside but it has another one on the front. Love the look of it. It looks so cool. I thought it would be a good bag for my laptop but sadly it is slightly too short but no big deal, I love it anyway. It is still really roomy and I’m sure I can fit a lot of stuff in it. This purse is on sale now.

That’s it for now. I am still waiting for my “lost” Forever 21 package. Pray for me saints…

Happy Shopping,


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