Another ASOS Haul

I think I have a problem. I just got more stuff from ASOS. I couldn’t help myself. But in my defense, what I got is just gorgeous. I got the ASOS Midi Dress in Animal Print, the ASOS Midi Dress in Ballet Wrap and the ASOS Midi Skirt in Pleats. I got all 3 because right now ASOS is offering free 2 day shipping off orders of $140 or more. You mean I get my stuff in 2 days instead of a week? I’m in!


I ordered the Midi Skirt in Oxblood in a size 12. I have been obsessed with knife pleats lately so I am excited to incorporate this skirt ( and hopefully more pleated pieces) into my wardrobe. There is something very ethereal and romantic about a pleated dress or skirt.

IMG_0964cropThe skirt is a deep, deep red; almost brown. The skirt comes in a couple of different colors including a bright cobalt blue and lime green. The blue one is definitely on my wishlist.

The ASOS midi skirt is listed as being 28.75″ long which is past my knees. This skirt is great for warmer weather because of the sheer chiffon pleated layer. But don’t worry because the skirt is not completely sheer. There is a under-layer keeping you from showing all your goodies.

One thing with this skirt is I’m going to have to resist the urge to twirl.


Next, I ordered the Midi Dress in Ballet Wrap. This dress reminds me of Audrey Hepburn especially when paired with my Steve Madden Tailor Flats. The look is so clean and sophisticated. And timeless. I kinda feel like should be in a foreign art film or something.


I ordered the Navy but the dress also comes in Purple, Green, Red and Black. On the site this skirt is listed as 43″ but it falls past my knees. This dress is a faux wrap dress as in it doesn’t open. Not like that is an issue but just wanted to make that point. The fabric is a cotton jersey so it is a very comfortable dress. Perfect for a day of shopping in Paris or being an ingenue in the latest hit indie film.

I think this dress is a little roomy in the waist but I can live with it.

This is another one I am going to have to resist the urge to twirl in.


I love my skirt and wrap dress but I think my favorite dress out of my haul is the animal print dress. I love the colors, the pattern everything. I remember seeing this dress on the site a while ago and I wanted it then but they didn’t have my size. So when I saw that they had restocked, I immediately jumped at the chance to get this amazing dress before I lost out again.

The pattern I don’t see so much as animal print but more like paint splotches. From far away I see what resembles flowers more than any type of animal print.

The bright red and blue is so eye-catching and bold I love it. The dress comes with a thin red patent leather belt with gold buckle which complements the dress well.


The back of the dress is interesting. It’s a wrap back. What you have to do is button the fabric across one side then button another piece of fabric to the other. (sorry if that doesn’t make sense.) When both sides are wrapped, a little keyhole is formed at your lower back right above a gold exposed zipper.

The only flaw is the length. This dress was listed as 43″ which is just above my knee. I wish it was past my knee, but that is only my preference. I still love this dress.IMG_0977cropI am proud of myself for branching away from the pencil skirts and dresses. Everything I bought is light and flowy and full on the bottom. I like this new direction. I am embracing diversity in my wardrobe. All I need is a bigger closet…

How’d you like my haul? Comment below.

Happy Shopping,


4 responses to “Another ASOS Haul

  1. I’ve been wanting that animal print dress too. I think I probably repinned it from you awhile back on Pinterest. It looks so pretty! Glad you like it. I’ve placed 2 orders with ASOS in the past several months and so far haven’t had any luck but maybe I’ll keep trying.


      • I know what you mean. I am like a 10 on top and a 12 (bordering on 14) on bottom. I guess I have just gotten used to things being a little baggy on top. One ASOS dress I had fit perfect on bottom but I was drowning up top. ( There was no way I would be able to fill it out so I had to take it to a seamstress. I didn’t want to send it back because I loved the pattern too much. Plus it was on sale.

        You did look good in that dress but you kinda have to breathe so I can see why you sent it back. lol



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