Personal Shopping Websites: My Thoughts

personal shopperPersonal Shopping sites have been popping up a lot lately. Just Fab, ShoeDazzle just to name a few. They are everywhere. So what is a personal shopping site? Basically, these are sites where you pay a monthly subscription and a personal stylist will pick anything from shoes and clothes just for you.

I have to say I am excited to try one but I am concerned about fit and length. I am sure that shoe personal shopping sites would not work for me (Although I am still holding out hope that Kimora Lee’s Just Fab would have larger sizes. Come on Kimora! Did you forget about us?) but clothing ones might just work. I mean I shop at non-tall stores all the time but I pick them out myself and I see for myself whether something is going to be long enough for me.

I also have to admit it is weird taking the control out the whole shopping experience. I know what I like and I’m not sure if anyone else can really pick stuff that I like. I mean my mom stopped buying me clothes years ago because I didn’t like anything she picked. But if you don’t like to shop, it would be perfect if someone did the heavy lifting for you, don’t you think?

So far I have been in contact with two personal shopping sites: CakeStyle and Stitch Fix.

I first learned about CakeStyle on the train; I saw an ad for it. With CakeStyle, you first complete a fit and wardrobe interview. CakeStyle then sends you a box of looks with a video explaining each outfit. You keep what you love and with the packing tape and label provided, you can send back what you don’t. On their site, they have pricing for each item and they tend to be on the pricey side. For example, dresses range from $250-400, sweaters are $150-250 and blouses $75-300. But stylist services are complimentary and there is free shipping both ways. Like I said, I contacted them and I asked if they have tall clothing. The representative said that they don’t have pants but they do have dresses and tops. They also told me that CakeStyle stylists also have experience working with tall women.

I learned about Stitch Fix from a fellow fashion-conscious coworker. I commented on how cute her dress was and she told me Stitch Fix is where she got it from. And apparently Stitch Fix is a big thing among the ladies in my office. But all these lovely women are considerably shorter than me. So how does it work? Your first fill out a style profile. Then 5 handpicked selections are sent to you. You keep what you want and send back the rest. Returns are free and each item comes with a guide with how to dress it up or down. The stylist fee is $20 but it also goes toward the cost of the item you want to keep. If you buy all the items in the box you get 25% off. Also, they will only send items in your specified price range, but items cost an average of $75. Stitch Fix  does “not carry tall clothing, but our stylists do spend a lot of time trying on garments to determine how they would fit a wide range of body types.” My first thought to that was, unless you have tall stylists, I’m not sure how you trying something on will accurately judge if something will fit me but I’m not going to count them out just yet.

So that is what I’m mulling over at the moment. Maybe I’ll be brave and try one and I’ll give a review. I’m leaning more toward Stitch Fix becomes it is cheaper and comes highly recommended. A thought: maybe one of us tall girls should make our own. That would be awesome! Just know if you do, I want a piece of the action as it was my idea. (haha)

Has anyone tried a personal shopping site? How did it work out? Let me know below. And if anyone wants to try one and come back with a report, that’s good too. 🙂

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8 responses to “Personal Shopping Websites: My Thoughts

    • That is a good question. I know for Stitch Fix that the $20 you pay is the “stylist fee” and that if you do want an item that $20 goes toward the cost of the item ($20 off basically). I’m not sure what happens if you don’t want the item. Let me find out and get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!

      UPDATE: Unfortunately I don’t think Stitch Fix offers refunds if you don’t like an item. They don’t state it on their site. I can always email and ask them directly.



    • Hi ladies –

      Millie from CakeStyle here – thanks so much for the mention and interest in our service. CakeStyle is completely free to try, you only pay for what you keep, and stylist services and shipping both ways are complimentary. There is no styling fee and you are not obligated to keep anything at all, though I will warn you that our clients often fall in love 🙂 Hope you will give it a try!


    • Thanks for the info! Hopefully it will a fellow Junoesque lady out there. I know that Krista from Tall Snob/Tall Clothing Mall also takes requests and helps tall women find certain items.



  1. Thanks for highlighting these sites. I honestly had never heard of this type of thing. Have I been living in a cave? Yikes! I’ve been tempted to try the free personal stylist services at places like Nordstrom (especially if they have a tall stylist on staff) so that I can try stuff on in person although the tall styles would probably be limited to jeans and pants.


    • You’re welcome! I don’t think I would’ve heard about them if it wasn’t for my work friends. I had actually forgotten that Nordstrom had free personal stylists. Thanks for reminding me and it could also help someone else.



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