Whitney Skinny Jean from Height Goddess: Review

IMG_1160_cropI’ve been wanting to try Height Goddess for a while now. I saw last week that they were having a 25% off denim sale and I leaped at the chance to buy.  I went straight to the sale section and picked out the Whitney Skinny jean in Eggplant. They were on sale for $79. Can you say MAJOR deal? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

So I got them in a size 32 with a 37″ inseam. The jean goes up to a 39″ inseam, they just didn’t have one in my size. They just got delivered to my house a day or two ago. So I’d say it took a little less than a week total to get them. Not bad.

If you don’t know, Height Goddess was created by Lameka Weeks who like all of us was tired of ill fitting clothing. According to the site, Height Goddess garments are designed in-house and are proportioned for women 5’9″ or taller.

I was really excited about these because I was eager to try the colored denim trend. This color is on the safe side of the trend because it is pretty dark and subdued. I absolutely love it. Purple is one of my favorite colors and it looks great with the yellow blouse I paired with it.

The Whitney skinnies fit a little tight. The denim is thicker than any other skinny I own and they don’t have a lot of stretch. Like I said, I ordered a 32, but I think the 33 might’ve been a little big. Plus I would have to pay to return them and I’m not about that life right now.

whitney skinny

They are a mid-rise jean but I think because I couldn’t get them all the way up (blame it on my big thighs) I got some bunching in the zipper region and they are a little loose in the waist. They are also a little baggy around the ankles which may have something to do with the length. This is easily solved with a long shirt as you can see in the picture. Said long shirt is from Target. It is a sheer blouse with a tiny polka dot print. I got an XL because Target didn’t have any larges left. I actually like the oversized fit of the blouse. The shoes are the Steve Madden Tailor flat in Cognac from Barefoot Tess. The hat I threw on because my hair was in twists—attempting my first twist-out—and I didn’t particularly want to take a picture of it. And I actually like the hat with the outfit. It might have been better if the hat was a different color though. (BTW the hat is from this store called Off the Wall. I got it a couple of years ago.)

I wore these all day today with no issues. Like I said, some tightness around the knees but nothing major. Overall I really like these jeans and I look forward to trying different styles from Height Goddess as well as different colored jeans.

Until next time,


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4 responses to “Whitney Skinny Jean from Height Goddess: Review

  1. I have the hardest time trying to find a pair of skinnies that are long enough and flattering! In fact, just this weekend, I went shopping and tried on at least 12 pairs. Didn’t find any I liked

    Do you find that denim with stretch in it is more flattering? Or do you prefer the thicker, less stretchy jeans like the ones you have on above?

    I love how you paired the eggplant and yellow. In my mind, complementary colors are always a good idea!


    • Hey Kathy! Thanks for stopping by!

      Sorry about that. It’s really tough sometimes…Have you tried Alloy they’re pretty good. Or have you heard about Talltique? They are a new tall store in MD. They have nice jeans too.

      I prefer denim with stretch because I can move around better in them. And they are little more forgiving when it comes to sizing.

      Thank you! I love complementary colors too especially blue and orange. But I don’t like red and green together unless done right.



  2. Hmmm…maybe I should try skinnies again. When I tried em a few years ago, I seriously couldn’t get them up past my knees so I gave up. Anyways, these look great on you and it’s fun that they are purple.


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