10 Things On My Wardrobe Wishlist

In this edition of 10 Things, I will be listing the things I want in my closet right now! These are everything from big trends right now, stuff I just like and basics. I’ve managed to find a couple items for Junoesque girls like me, others are still in the wind. But I will not lose hope!

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 7.12.06 PM

1. Mustard yellow skinny jeans. This is a HUGE trend right now. Everywhere I go, I see women rocking this trend. But I can’t seem to find any long enough and large enough for a girl like me. If anyone has spotted any, let me know. lol Mustard is one of my color obsessions right now which is weird because I never liked yellow before.


2. Wedge sandals. I love wedges period and wedge sandals are perfect for the summer. What I am really loving right now is chunky heels reminiscent of modern architecture. Pictured here is the DV by Dolce Vita Jonee Sandal from Nordstrom. (they go up to 12), the DV by Dolce Vita ‘Talor’ Sandal from Barefoot Tess (they only have an 11 left) and the UGG Lauri from Zappos (they go up to size 12).


3.  Jackets. A denim, varsity, trench and leather one to be more exact. I have a severe lack of jackets in my wardrobe. I have a winter coat (that is on its last legs) a windbreaker I took from my mom and a couple blazers. I want more variety in my closet. The denim, trench and leather are basics but I really want a varsity jacket because it is young and cool. The trench and varsity jackets are from Topshop’s tall section. The leather jacket was from Long Tall Sally. I don’t think they are selling any leather jackets right now. And I found a denim jacket from the Gap and the link is here.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 8.25.42 PM

4. Block heel pumps. I am tired of painful stilettos and like I said earlier, I am really into chunky heels right now. Heels with a little more stability like wedges. Block heel pumps have the stability of the wedge but are still a pump. These pumps are from Barefoot Tess. They are the Dolce Vita ‘Dahlia’ Heel in the color Desert. I think block heel pumps in general are so funky and different. I really want a pair.


5. Ombre anything…I love this trend. It reminds me of a watercolor painting. Beautiful. I don’t think I have seen an ombre skirt for me yet but here are a few I’ve seen on Pinterest. You have probably seen the outfit in the middle before in one of my Pinterest Picks. I really want that outfit. The shirt on the far right is the Mila Blouse from Alloy. It also comes in coral ombre and up to a size 3XL.boots

6. Military style boots. It is getting too warm for boots but I have wanted some for a really long time. Pictured here is the Nine West Technobeat, the Tanner Lace-up boot from Payless and the Steve Madden Troopa from Zappos. I don’t think the Technobeat is still available since it is from last year and the Troopa on Zappos, at least, only goes up to an 11. Why are there no cute military boots for women in a size 13? Is that too much to ask?


7. Coral anything…Coral is another one of my color obsessions right now. It is such a beautiful color. I love it. It’s so soft and feminine yet bright and lively. Pictured are the BFT by Barefoot Tess Charlotte Heel, the Maci Tank Dress in Extended Length from Alloy and the Women’s Vintage Style V Neck Tee from Old Navy. And these are only a couple examples of the great ways this fabulous color is being used.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 8.48.29 PM

8. A jumpsuit like the one above. Worn by Denisio Truitt of The Ravenous Creator. Love it! She writes that she got it from South Moon Under. I have the same concern about jumpsuits that I have with one piece bathing suits; the length. Forgive my lack of vocabulary but I think this is so cool. And I think tall women can really pull off a jumpsuit like this. It makes us look even longer and leaner. I hope that one of the many tall clothing stores that are out now will get one in. *hint hint nudge nudge*


9. A vintage-inspired bathing suit. I don’t even like the water that much or go to the pool that often but I feel like if I had a bathing suit like the one on the far left, I would go to the pool everyday just to show that suit off. That one is my fav. I first saw it on Pinterest. It is called the Monaco X High Waist by the Philippines based brand Soak Swimwear. This might be workable for us tall girls because it is 2 pieces but I can’t find any available  for U.S. buyers and in my size. 😦  Vintage style suits would be flattering on my lower half because it is high waisted and not high cut on my hips or bum so more skin is covered. Modcloth has a couple of vintage style bathing suits (two examples are the two on the right) but I am not sure if they would fit my long torso.

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 6.44.24 PM

10. High-waisted trousers and skirts. So classy and sophisticated yet sexy. I can’t seem to find any long enough for me though. I did try to get a high waisted skirt once from Modcloth but my hips did it in. It was really sad. I really want some!

Wardrobe Wishlist Runner Ups: white button ups, floral print anything, scarves

What is on your wardrobe wishlist? Let me know below! Maybe we can help each other! lol

Happy Shopping,


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