Stuff Tall Girls DON’T Say

tallgirlsdontsay2Remember that viral craze Stuff…People Say? Well, I decided to do my own twist on it with the stuff that tall girls DON’T say. Being as I don’t have the time or patience to make a video plus that craze has pretty much ended, I decided to write about it instead. So here we go the things that we don’t say…

1. I love highwater jeans! Aren’t my socks gorgeous?!

2. Tell me more about how I should play basketball even though I don’t have the skills nor desire to play. You’re right, I can totally just stand at the hoop and put my arms up. Why didn’t I think of that before? I am totally “wasting my height” just being me. You are a genius!

3. Your cheesy pick up lines are working. I would love to go out with you short man! I never get tired of being told I’m tall!

4. No I really want to talk to you about my height while I’m trying to order my food/washing my hands/walking minding my own business. Ask away!

5. I’m glad those shoes didn’t come in my size! They weren’t cute anyway.

6. I love low door jambs and hanging decorations. It keeps me on my toes and strengthens my agility!

7. Keep staring! I love my every move watched like I’m in a fishbowl.

8. These jeans from Wal-Mart/Target/Macy’s/insert any brick and mortar store here are long enough!

9. I meant to hit my head…No really. I did it on purpose.

10. Those same old tall jokes I’ve heard all my life are SO funny. Please keep going! “How’s the weather up there?” Comedy Gold!

What else doesn’t a tall girl say? Let me below!

Until next time,


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6 responses to “Stuff Tall Girls DON’T Say

  1. Add #11- I love the movie Deuce Bigelow & can totally believe that so many mature kind men saw it too! Being called “One Big B****” really makes my day!
    #12- I’m glad so many really tall men seem to prefer girls under average height. It makes perfect sense to me!


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